My latest craigslist heist

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, August 7, 2011 at 4:01 PM


We've had our dining table and chairs since we got married. The table was still in fine shape structurally, and although the legs and top showed many evidences of its role as a family dining table, we certainly weren't looking to replace it. The chairs, however, were "budget" quality to begin with, and after 10 years the rush seats were unraveling and sending us all on our way from dinner with snags and pulls on the seat of our pants.

I decided it was time to do something, and was looking either for replacement chairs, or chair cushions to protect our rapidly unraveling trousers. But I was having a hard time finding chairs to match our table that were a) affordable, b) coordinated with our table and c) good quality. I am inherently suspicious of anything that is in my price range and manufactured in, say, my lifetime. I think stuff nowadays is pretty much made to fall apart as soon as its out of the warranty period, so I was hoping for something "vintage".

But our table was pretty modern, and I was having no luck finding chairs that complemented it. I had resigned myself to trying to find cushions instead, when I found an ad on craigslist (where else?) for a just-the-right-size table with three leaves, 4 chairs, and a hutch (which I wasn't looking for).

For $80. For everything.

I called to confirm its existence, to check that the seller was in control of his faculties, and found it was mine if I wanted it. Because the set was such a good deal, I decided to buy the hutch too even though I wasn't exactly sure where I would put it. I had a couple of ideas.

Turns out, it does a perfectly serviceable job of holding our sheet music:

(I think it complements Mr. Kimball very nicely too, don't you? Even though the piano is from the 30's and I think the dining set must be from the late 60's or early 70's.)


And the dining chairs will be recovered as soon as our finances recover from the initial purchase, but I think it's going to be a perfect fit.

It's in excellent shape, with some wear along the backs and arms of the chairs that I find very appealing, and one scratch on the top that we managed to incur while transporting it home.

This purchase even solved my two main Tablecloth Problems, which were that the cloth was just a bit too short for my old table, and that it kept sliding off. This new set is slightly smaller, better suited to the room and just the right length for my tablecloth - and the seller threw in a custom-made felt table cover that was made for playing card and board games, but also anchors my tablecloth perfectly. It doesn't budge now!

So that's my latest story. I'll be sure to update when I recover the chairs!

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You are the Queen of Craiglist, for sure. But one question: Does someone have to stand during dinner? As I recall, you're the Five Dixons these days... :)

Looks great - and that hutch does indeed seem perfect with Mr. Kimball! So what did you do with the old table?

That is the most retarded amazing deal EVER! You scored FOR SURE!! i especially love the hutch, holding your music. PERFECT! So, keep your eye out, I'm looking for a round kitchen table, AND bunkbeds. GO!

Good job. You do indeed find the best bargains.

I wonder the same question as Heidi: do you have plans for another chair or two?

Lovely! Love the hutch and table with cloth! Way to score!!!

Heh, maybe I should post a picture of what our table usually really looks like, just to clear up the confusion. :)

We have enough chairs, I do not actually make any of my children sit on the floor or on a milk crate to accommodate my new dining set.

Fashion hurts, kiddos - might as well learn it young, right?

Beautiful! Thanks for the pictures. :) Do I get a prize for commenting here instead of on FB?

Love it! New furniture (even if it's someone's old furniture) is so exciting!!!

wow,that is a great bargain. In about 2006 when one of our older Priest Father Hollenbach died, we got the priviledge to purchase his stuff. We purchased his 6 roller cloth chairs, boyhill(back then in the days all the furniture matched his beds, dressers, night stands, etc. ) dining room table for only $100. that is what our other Priest wanted. wow, I thought it was so nice and what a bargain too. one chair is left now in 2011 Yeah, for bargains.