The no-good, very bad, terrible terrible day

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 7:42 PM


Iris has not had an easy time of it today.

She and I are going to have a lovely time this year, I just know it. There are lots of things I can say "yes" to when I only have one child that don't even get the time of day, normally. The fancy race car carts at the grocery store, a quarter to put in the vending machine, and her choice of music while we make lunch.

But I could tell that all she wanted was her brother and sister.

She wasn't sad, or naughty, exactly. But every little thing set her off on a wave of sobs, and she just didn't seem to know what to do with herself. She talked nonstop, made unreasonable demands, and was generally kind of a nuisance.

But then her playmates came home, there were chocolate chip cookies, and we all watched Mary Poppins together. Things were definitely looking up.

Then I decided to use a free hour before dinnertime to take my sewing machine to the fabric store to be serviced. While I was trying feebly to describe the thread knots and breakage I intermittently experience, Iris took advantage of the shiny lineoleum floor, twirled just a little too enthusiastically, and fell right on her face.

I knew right away she was serious. Her cry was calling for more than just attention. When I scooped her up, her mouth was full of blood and it was pouring out of one nostril. I sat her on the counter, cupped my hand under her chin, and calmly asked for a paper towel. No biggie, I've seen this before. Lips bleed a lot, we'll just figure out the source of it and be on our way.

I asked Iris if she was crying because she was hurt, or because she was scared. "SCAAAAAAAAWED!" she heaved, and buried her bloody face in my shoulder.

Well, that's good. I carried her to the bathroom, Devlin and Eve trailing behind, and started washing the blood from our hands and arms. I scrubbed her fingernails and examined her magnificent fat lip.

Then there was a knock at the bathroom door, and the nice saleslady poked her head around the corner and handed me my daughter's front tooth in a baggie.

And I lost it.

It just caught me completely off guard. I hadn't even thought to look at her teeth! Her lip was so huge and tender that I couldn't see in her mouth at all without significant manipulation, which she was not allowing, understandably. But the bleeding had stopped, and I was ready to sign my credit card receipt and put the whole thing behind me. And then I realized she had a gaping hole in her beautiful smile, and it would be there for a long time. She would go to preschool, and kindergarten, and maybe first grade, with that gap.

I know it happens to lots of kids. I know she'll be fine. She's already fine, really. She ate lentils and rice for dinner, just like everyone else, and she got to pick the story and the bedtime song. The big kids are positively salivating at the thought of a very generous emergency tooth fairy visitation.

But the whole situation is kind of breaking my heart.

I think the saddest thing is that she's asleep right now, and she's not sucking her thumb, because she can't. It's just killing me.

She may be fine, but this mama definitely needs a hug.

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Oh, this is so sad....I'm sorry!

I am sending you a hug right now. Cry on my shoulder for as long as you want.


ooooohhhh. so sorry.

Oh Rachel! I want to hug you, too. This is just so, so sad. My heart is breaking for you. This happened to me the other day when Jasper was crying and in my haste to tend to him I scratched his little forehead and it started bleeding. He cried harder and I just SOBBED. Here I was, a grown woman literally begging the forgiveness of my baby. I couldn't help it. I knew in the moment he would be fine and it was an accident and he was over it quickly, but you just don't know (at least I didn't) HOW MUCH you love and want to protect your kids from any pain or hurt until it happens. I know that particular incident hurt me much worse than it did Jasper.

So, so sorry. I am thinking of you.

My Spencer is now 3 and he knocked out one of his bottom baby teeth when he was just 7 months old! He only had 2 teeth and he managed to knock one of them out! It was quite a devastating evening for me. Knowing that it wasn't going to grow back for another 5 or so years. But that was rough, picking up my baby and seeing something in his mouth along with all the blood, I just assumed it was something that he had found on the floor and was chewing on. I got the bleeding stopped and realized that he was missing a tooth! Just crazy! But he could care less now. He thinks it's cool that he's missing a tooth like the big kids.

And not that this is quite the same, but Melanie had to have one of her molars pulled out last year. She has a spacer cemented in to hold the spot. Getting the tooth pulled was bad enough, but I think that she cried more when she realized how long it would take for it to grow back. She's got at least another 5 years on that one too.

So, hugs to you on a really hard day! I totally understand how you feel. I try not to think about it, but none of my kids have the right amount of teeth. Savannah has an extra tooth, Melanie and Spencer are both missing one, and Owen is still working on getting a mouth full of teeth! Luckily kids are resilient and they get over it faster than mommy does!

That is a hard mommy day and a bad Iris day. I am so, so sorry. Wish I had seen this earlier...I'm pretty sure I would have delivered that hug. Love you.

oh, no! so sad! what a cute trademark it'll be though!

Your last three posts have really tugged at my heartstrings...sending the kids off to school, seeing them march off together as sidekicks [it made me desperately want another], poor little Iris sucking her thumb missing her buddies...and now this! Poor thing. What a swirl of emotions you've been in. You need a hug, and a medal!

(Sorry to jump in again from stalker mode. Your family--and blog--is just too cute!)

Emily, you're also such a great mama. Once when Kimball was an infant, he scratched his cheek in a fit of crying. Sometimes I can still see a small scar from that in certain lighting. It makes me feel so bad! Should have put mittens on him or something!

I wish I could make a giant sad face on here, but this will have to do:


i seriously feel for you! My friends little girl was only 18 months and was running and playing outside she tripped and fell on her face and it split the tooth all the way up, she had to go have a root canal and they got her tooth capped which cost like 1500, well then like 5 months later she was playing and fell and it popped that expensive tooth right out! I felt so bad for her! Good thing Iris is cute and noone will think anything of it!

Thank you for the stories and sympathy, everyone. I really appreciate it. It helps to hear that this happens to lots of other kids, and maybe it won't be a big deal in the years to come. My heart still hurts, but I think I can get used to it.