Surf and Turf, the Red Queen, and Mommy's Buddy

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 8:41 AM


Well, just look at these two.

Aren't they just fantastic?

Devlin, sporting (for the third consecutive day) his camo shorts and shark shirt, and Eve looking enigmatic:

Eve's class is focusing on a different color each day for the next couple of weeks. Today's selection is red, obviously. She changed her first-day outfit plan drastically when she received this information:

Dev, the littlest Big Man on Campus:

Iris happily joined in, before she realized we would be dropping her playmates off at The Place With Not One, But Two Playgrounds without her:

She figured it out eventually, and she was not happy. This morning has been hard for her. She cried when I didn't realize she wanted to wear her backpack in the stroller, then she cried when she did not receive a water bottle, and then she cried when we turned and started walking back home without her siblings.

I am super excited for Dev and Eve to get some special time together as they walk to and from school. I think it will be good exercise and good company.

I was worried that Devlin might be impatient and want to prove his physical superiority by leaving his sister in the dust:

But when Eve started lagging behind, he had her grab onto his backpack strap to remind her to keep up.

And little moments like that give me hope for the future.

Now, I'm off to make cookies for their after-school snack, and I'm going to have Iris help - because baking is the kind of thing I enjoy doing with the help of one child.

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So who cried more? You or Iris?

what cute pictures :)

Heather, Iris by a mile! I actually didn't cry at all. It really helped to make the handoff at the crossing guard, instead of watching Eve line up with all the other kinders and walk into her classroom.

Devlin was her little shepherd, too. Puts a mama's mind at ease.