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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, August 22, 2011 at 8:36 PM


Colorful, Transitional Fall Outfit

Want to know something amazing? While I was going through all the bother of doing this, the contest closed. So now you can't enter it, and neither can I. I feel like I lost $250 and an hour of my life.

So, David is out of town.

It's only for a couple of days. No biggie. I am pretty used to having three children (well, hey, it's only been three years! It does happen eventually!) and at this point, my only recurring problem during a short business trip is the fact that it takes me forever to fall asleep without my best friend to talk to.

Today, I baked bread and lemon cookies, made a tomato/mozzarella/avocado salad for lunch, tomato basil soup and sandwiches for dinner, and overnight steel cut oats for breakfast tomorrow.

(I'm only telling you this so that I won't seem so frivolous when I now share that I have spent fully the last HOUR devising the beautiful outfit above on Polyvore - which, in all seriousness, I cannot recommend: way too much work for something Pinterest does in a much easier format).

Why? There is a contest going right over here. It ends today, and you can enter either in a number of ways to win an Anthro gift card. Naturally, since I feel I have earned some relaxation time this evening, I have throw my hat into every available ring!

If you don't feel as motivated as I do, you can just leave a comment on the contest blog stating one thing you would buy from Anthropologie with your winnings, should you be so lucky.

Go on, I'm sure you can find *something*. Now be a dear, fill my quiet evening, and come back and tell me what it is!

Me? I'm tempted to put my money on this, and dream of the day when I can wear it with skinny jeans and boots and GO OUTSIDE. I am so, so ready for cool weather!

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J'adore the Endless Ombre Skirt and the Loose Stripe Cardigan! I can't wait until long sleeve, cute sweater, rockin' boot weather.