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If I could have picked, I would not have chosen to have two children with birthdays five days apart.

Obviously, I am not in charge.

I've taken a few days to recover, but from Saturday the 17th to Saturday the 24th of September, I survived and/or enjoyed the following:

- hosting a Pampered Chef party
- Devlin's birthday
- Iris and Devlin's joint extended-family birthday dinner
- the Primary Program (my church's yearly hour-long Extravaganza of Childhood, aka Total Raging Chaos, of which I was in charge of the musical portion)
- Iris's birthday
- Iris and Devlin's joint "birthday party"
- Devlin's baptism

Plus, you know, all the usual stuff I do, which sadly is not all pedicures and bonbons. The entire week was completely devoid of either, actually.

I was tired.

But I'm better now.

Want to see some pictures?

Devlin received, among other things, a great many Harry Potter Lego sets. He built them all within days:

He also got a pack of colored Sharpie markers and several rolls of colored duct tape, which might sound like strange gifts unless you know his fondness for Constructing Things Out of Trash. He is in heaven making satchels for all his classmates entirely out of duct tape.

And I just snapped this little photo of his bed, because it is just so representative. He is always reading at least 4 books at once, and he'll have multiple bookmarks in each book. I don't know if he ever actually finished any of them. He claims to, but I can't follow his dizzying non-linear process so he could just be making that up.

He's reading all of those. At the same time. And there are sure to be at least three more on the nightstand.

What you can't see in this picture is the piles of smoking rubble that constitute the rest of his room, in the wake of his bottomless appetite for books. He is a slob, that's s-l-o-b, and no mistake. Apparently it's part of the "gifted" constellation of traits, although his teacher may have just said that to make me feel better.

Iris had a birthday too, and she enjoyed it to the soles of her feet. Just like she does everything she encounters.

That's a package of all-pink Starburst, and a pink milkshake. You don't have to be three years old to see the magic there!

We had an impromptu lunch with Iris's awesome Granny (seriously, is she not so beautiful? I hope I look this cool when I'm the grandmother.)

Now I hate throwing kid birthday parties (no amount of money, planning, or artful cupcake design will make them anything but unmitigated mayhem and LOUD to boot). So, luckily for me, the birthday kids just wanted pizza for their big days, and specifically they wanted Grimaldi's pizza. So we took them to Grimaldi's and called it a night!

The traditional pizza-dough-facial-hair activity:

The pizza was good, but the dinner included Eve tipping off her chair backward, Devlin knocking over his beverage, and all three children, when asked if we wanted to see a dessert menu, announcing in their OUTSIDE VOICES that we were going to McDonald's to get ice cream, so we had no need of their fancy overpriced dessert menu.

(I submit that if they had just given us a nice birthday treat, like I assumed they would when I notified them at the reservation desk that our party contained two birthday children, we would not have had to resort to 79 cent ice cream cones nor subject them to the embarrassment of the announcement.)

And last, but not least, Devlin turned 8 this year. And in our church, eight years is the age at which children can be baptized. We believe that children should be old enough to understand what they are doing when they decide to become members of the church - but I have to say, at eight years old, Devlin cannot be reliably counted upon to flush the toilet, so I'm suspicious of his ability to make any determinations regarding his eternal salvation.

Let's be honest: I'm 30, and I am so far from feeling like I know anything about anything that I have my doubts that 8 years old is a reasonable age to be making decisions like this.

But I guess you have to draw the line somewhere.

And when it comes to matters like this, I really do trust my gut. (I think in church, you're supposed to call it "the Spirit".) It's that Little Voice in my heart that tells me "this is right" or "this is not right". I listen to that Voice, and trust that everything will sort itself out in the end. It doesn't lead me astray.

The Voice told me that Devlin's baptism was right.

I asked Devlin later that day how he felt. He was glowing, and I wanted to know what was in his head.

He squinted, thinking. "I feel all jingly."

He smiled.

"Jingly, and bouncy."

I know just what he meant.

I am the luckiest human alive.

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Loved sharing those special days.

This is awesome. I love the snapshot of Devlin's bed: that is a mess worth making because it's a learning mess. I love the way his mind ticks. Amazing.

And so great about his baptism. Sure, it's hard to conceive eternity as an 8 year old. It's hard to do it as an adult, but he knows right from wrong, and he knows enough to know that he wanted to be baptized. The next steps we take on that path we're older for. It really is a nicely-laid plan, isn't it?

Gut = The Spirit thing? I so totally get that.

I had a bit different experience leading up to my sons baptism. At around seven and a half, he seemed to start "getting it." He really started putting the things he had been taught into practice and recognizing the spirit. He started choosing to live what he was taught instead of being forced. It was really cool for me to see that change in him.

Eight is the age of accountability, not the age of understanding eternal things. I'm sure Devlin was ready to make the step. I just hope you told him that those "jingly and bouncy" feelings came from the Spirit!