The Book, the Beach, and the Blessing

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, September 5, 2011 at 8:13 PM


Lucky for you, I finished Angela's Ashes, so I can participate in the blogging world again.

(I'm halfway through 'Tis, the next volume in this gentleman's fascinating life, but it's not nearly as bleak so I can multitask while I enjoy that one!)

This weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Los Angeles to see my little sister bless her first baby, and get some extended-family time into the bargain. (Oh, how I wish I had a picture on my camera of the whole Dalton-Moffat family at the church after the ceremony! I have to say, we were a seriously good-looking bunch of people. Even for L.A.)

Our main activity was Santa Monica beach on Saturday, and while I am still a rank amateur at the whole beach thing (chair? umbrella? TOWELS? all for wimps!), we managed to have a beautiful time, and only left when it got too cold.

(Oh, and when Iris started literally burying her head in the sand like a tiny ostrich out of pure insane tiredness. That was also a cue to leave.)

Very first thing out of the gate, I had occasion to teach my youngest child how to pee in the ocean. If it's good enough for God's aquatic creatures, it's good enough for me:

I did, in a rare moment of lucidity, think to bring cups for the kids to dig in the sand with:

And oh, the sand! I know it's a beach and all, but man that stuff does get everywhere!

(No, she isn't retaining fluid. Her feet always look like that.)

The sea air does amazing things for my girls' hair:

And I discovered the secret to looking tan(ish) - get a white bathing suit! Genius!

Who needs all their teeth anyway?

It helps to have a backside like this to take the focus off:

We don't have as many pictures of Eve, because she is not very keen on the actual water, so she tends to lurk stealthily around the fringes. Devlin, on the other hand, fears no freezing wave:

He would stay at the beach all day, every day, in any weather. He has always been this way, ever since his first venture into the Pacific on a December day when he was only a few months old.

And the wonderful, wonderful family time! Auntie Em was the one to console Iris with towels and hugs:

And she even let me borrow Jasper (and his favorite wrap!) later for some snuggle time:

The weather, the company, the lime trees, the salt was all just lovely. It was a beautiful occasion and I'm so glad I got to be part of it. Maybe next time I'll remember to take some pictures of the actual main event? (David took all of these that you see here, and aren't I grateful he did!)

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Rachel, I am just going to say it: you are stunning! And is it weird that I love Iris's backside? that top picture, your thigh looks amazing. Totally makes me want to bust out the yoga.

*blushes to hairline*

Thank you ladies!

And no, Cassandra, not weird at all. At least, obviously *I* don't think so!

Gorgeous pictures Rach! And you sure are one HOT MAMA!

Glad you had such a good time. And super glad you are back!!

How beautiful! Great pictures. Also you are BRAVE to wear a white suit!!!!

fantastic fotos - so fun to see you guys! {and, i will go ahead and say it again, you look a-mazing!}