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For my final post of the week, I could show you this picture and tell you about how Devlin and Iris played outside while Eve was at ballet class.

I could tell you how we are enjoying, from top to toe, this amazing gift of a September (it never cools off like this for at least another month!)

I could tell you how I went running this morning and rocked a really adorable outfit all day.

I could tell you how we got slushies at Sonic and made cookies and went to the farmer's market and I had a nice long nap.

I could leave it at that.

Or I could tell you about how I am stressing out because I have to have my house clean tomorrow, including reupholstering 4 chairs and chopping a fridge full of vegetables, and it's not looking good at the moment.

I could tell you how the only help I will have in this department are the three little people who made everything such a mess in the first place.

I could tell you about my continual despair over my white kitchen counters, and how in my efforts to prepare more meals for my family - for our health and our budget - and I am so frogging tired of meal prep and cleanup and walking to the garbage/recycle/compost 80,000 times a day to throw away this little scrap of pipe cleaner or that soggy brown bit of apple.

I could tell you how, if I find another shoe-full-of-sand under my kitchen table, I'm going to make someone wash their mouth out with a paste made from that sand, and watch and laugh while they do it.

And I could tell you how I totally lost my temper (with good reason, but still) and in my frustration and anger broke both my door frame and our chess set - the one that was David's when he was a little boy.

I could tell you how I scared Iris and made her cry because I yelled so loud.

Both of these days were my day today.

What should I choose to make public?

What face should I present to the world?

Ah, the conundrum of blogging!

(By the way: Keiko, if you are reading this, you might want to let Jeff know I have a couple more woodworking jobs for him.)

I am happy to report that after heartfelt hugs and apologies all around and a $7.62 dinner bill at Little Caesar's, the spirit of contention has dissolved and everything is fine.

(Except the chess set.)

(But even that can be fixed.)

And maybe some day I will learn to overcome these aspects of my personality that bring me and my family so much grief.

Here's to tomorrow: fresh, with no mistakes in it.

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Ha! My day was mostly like this (good parts and bad parts), but I just posted the sweet picture and left it at that. Hang on...and I will too.

I love you, Rachel. Sending you a big hug. Sounds like it's been one of those for all of us. Not sure if that makes you feel better or not, but like you say, tomorrow's fresh, with no mistakes in it. This is also making me think of the song from "Annie" and it's making me smile (not an easy task right now.). Just think of that song right now, a little red-haired curly 8-year-old belting out: "the sun'll come out, tomorrow. So you gotta hang on til tomorrow. Come what may (brass build) Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow! You're only a day awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!". Ha! It worked!

I am sorry, but I laughed because I have SO been there...the yelling until your throat is raw feeling is never a good one and I HATE it but sometimes it's the ONLY way to get their attention. Shoes full of sand. Yup...they are in my laundry room, so if anything falls out of the dryer, I have to rewash because there is SAND EVERYWHERE. I'm pretty sure I could make a beach from all the sand that comes home from school. And it doesn't matter how many times I sweep. And my sink is full of dirty dishes and it's after 10 PM. Everyone else is sleeping and I get to do the dishes. Huge hugs to you. I hope tomorrow is everything you need it to be :)

Well, Rachel, if you ever figure out how to never lose your temper, please let me know the formula. I sure never figured it out!

See, that's what I love about you! So real. It is what it is and I am one who will always appreciate that!