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Background: Devlin and Eve, 8 and 5 respectively, are responsible for cleaning the bathrooms in our house. Do they do a great job? Absolutely not. But it's just good enough that I only touch them up if we are having guests or something. And it's a damn sight better than me doing it myself.

More background: David and I have not had a working toilet, or indeed any toilet at all, in our master bathroom for about 6 months. We finally received the new commode yesterday, where the children discovered it in our entryway when they arrived home from school.

(Yes, we have a toilet. In our foyer. It's in a box, so you wouldn't know, unless I told you. Which I now have. So you can marvel at how classy we are next time you're over, unless by some miracle we get it installed first.)

Eve, walking in the door and clearly hoping the Giant Box contains Many Barbies or something similarly beneficial to her personally: Mom, what's in that big box?

Me: It's the new potty! So Daddy and I don't have to walk down the hallway in the dark anymore. Won't that be nice?

Eve: heaving sobs

Me: mystified silence

Eve, barely regaining the power of coherent speech: But MOM, I hate this potty! Now there's just one more I have to clean!

Eve, there's no point in trying to sugarcoat the situation. That is exactly the long and short of it. But you'll only have to do it until your own kids are old enough to take over!

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Such funny potty humor compels me to share my good bathroom laugh. From the throne, Kayden hollers for me to come help wipe. I walked in and asked, "Are you done?" "I believe so."

I believe so? The three year old believes so. Crazy silly girl.

She cracks me up, as do my other two.

As do yours.

It's a good thing Dawson can't read yet. He catches wind of this create a satchel with duct tape idea and my budget is toast. (:

Oh, that is marvelous! She believes so. Well, little lady, you better get that decision set in stone before I stick my hand down there, that's what!

Ha! Ha ha! Love your last comment, Rachel. I wonder if Eve doesn't feel like a hand-maiden sometimes doing chores. Just in her own mind. Of course, perhaps that's another way to sell it, even the princesses has to clean. :). So cute.

Ha ha that is hilarious! I love that my children help with the chores. I can't imagine how good it will be when they are old enough to start babysitting!!

Bah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! I think that's the hardest I've ever laughed out loud while reading a blog- I seriously have to meet your kids someday.

that is seriously hilarious!

I love this story! We have most definitely rocked the "new toilet in the hallway" look. Very classy, no? I think ours sat there for at least a month, and THEN the old broken one now apparently lives in our garage. If only there were SOME way to get rid of it...this possibility apparently eludes my dear husband.

Oh, my goodness, that is a most awesome story.

We just got back from Nauvoo where I learned many of the chores children were expected to help out with - and not just "boring" household stuff. My favorite just might be one that required a young child to continuously turn a new wagon wheel through a dish of oil to seal the wood FOR THREE HOURS!

lol! Where can we find good solid work like that these days?? ;)