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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, September 19, 2011 at 9:17 PM


I bought a skirt last week at Deseret Industries.

Now, finding an item of clothing made from a natural fiber at DI is cause for celebration. If that item also a) fits, b) is attractive, and c) doesn't smell like a cat or a cadaver, then you better go ahead and buy that item, and a lottery ticket while you're at it.

I had this very nice wool pencil skirt on in the dressing room, and was having a conversation in my head:

"Hmmm, it fits really well. I never met a pencil skirt I didn't like."

"The color, though! I love green, but I don't know about this green. It looks like a church lady grandmother on Easter Sunday. Funeral potatoes, anyone?"

"Pffft, it's fine. It will be hip and ironic on a young person. Everything old is new again!"

"Okay, maybe. It's $5, though. If it were $2, I would totally buy it. I'm going to have to think long and hard about it for $5."

"You're lucky this conversation is in your head, because then only *you* know you are crazy. It's a beautiful wool skirt, smelling of absolutely nothing, for $5. Put it in the dang cart already!"

So I did.

And then I got it home, and I panicked because I couldn't get it to play nice with the rest of my wardrobe. No matter what I tried it with, it looked matronly and obnoxiously minty.

I contemplated dyeing it, but some very nice friends came over just at the right moment and persuaded me to give it another shot.

Success! If you don't have a striped blazer, I suggest you acquire one as soon as possible. It is the great equalizer: so unassailably timeless that it drags whatever else you pair it with right into the present moment. I love this one because it is knit, so it feels more like a nice cozy cardigan than a stiff jacket.

So thank you to everyone who contributed their opinions, and here is the breakdown for those of you who like that sort of thing:

Knit blazer: Anthropologie
T-shirt: Downeast Basics (if anyone has a source for good quality, affordable basic Ts that don't make you look like a stuffed sausage, I would love to hear it.)
Belt: Anthropologie
Skirt: Pendleton, thrifted
Shoes: Last Chance (these are sort of a raisin color, and I have yet to find anything they don't go with)
Silver Bracelet: Target

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I knew that would work! Perfect!

Erin here! (Your sister Emily's red-headed friend--we met briefly when Jasper was born)

First of all, I love that you have the same conversations in your head that I have. That makes me feel good.

Second, that skirt is a Pendelton??? That's some fine quality wool there my friend. Pendelton is based in Oregon (I am 90% sure of I better look that up...yep! it is!)

It's $5! So cheap! Glad you bought it--it looks great on you!


You make everything look good.

Pls. do share all of your internal dialogues..ok maybe not all. Makes me happy to hear that I am not the only one who comes up with silly little scenarios in my head. Just so you know I smiled at this post.

Oh and I really like what you've put together there.

P.S. - I gave up on DI a couple a years ago. SHould I go back or something?

I very often have those internal conversations out loud. Luckily most of the time I'm in public I have a three year old with me so I can make it look like I'm talking to him instead of myself!