A Perfect Match

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 13, 2011 at 6:09 PM


Just a little rainy-afternoon chess at our house.

This setup is perfect because to say Devlin "hates to lose" is like saying Michael Jackson had "a little work done". It just doesn't quite go far enough.

So he taught Eve, who is 5, to play chess two days ago - and he forces checkmate every time.

She doesn't mind a bit, because she just imagines she is winning and that's good enough for her.

(I'm just grateful not *every single* small person in my house has that violently, tearfully, explosively competitive spirit. Only one out of three would be awesome. Iris will be the tiebreaker. Cross your fingers.)

Comments (4)

the MJ line is killing.me. you are hilarious.

i love that they play chess together. we are more at the candyland level over here. ha ha

I'm 38 and STILL have never figured out how to play Chess. So, kudos to you and your smart kids. And thank goodness she's amenable to him winning always. noone needs loser tirades. hahaha

I wish you could have witnessed Devlin teaching me to play chess. He taught me how to set up the board...and then made me do it two more times. What a charming little kid...love him. P.S. I will never learn to really play chess. He did his best, but it is beyond my ken.