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Iris is a lucky child.

Already, at not-quite-three, she has been to Disneyland more than once. (My sister lives in Southern California and, well, if we happen to visit her, and we happen to drive by Disneyland at the same time, that's very convenient, isn't it?) She loves everything about it. The fireworks, the tram, the face painters, the Dumbo ride, the flowers, the princesses, the smashed pennies, and especially "Ickey Mouse".

She loves Disneyland so much, she even lights up when we drive into the dark concreteness of the parking garage. The toll booth holds no downside for her; it is the Gateway to Happiness. We drive up and up and up the many levels, guided by the first smiling "cast members" of the day to our parking space, and she knows what is coming.

She is in heaven.

(I have to confess, Disneyland - yes, even the parking garage - has the exact same effect on me.)

Last week, I was driving to Scottsdale Mall with Iris in the back seat. She still wasn't used to her brother and sister being in school, and she was talking her fool head off to compensate. I alternately ignored, deflected, and answered what questions I could, as indicated by common sense and my limited patience.

As we came to our destination, the mall was crowded that day and I was having a hard time finding a covered parking spot. I drove around the first level of the gray garage, looking for an open space.


No luck. Up the ramp.


I round another dark corner. "Hold on, sweetie. Almost there." Narrowly avoid collision with larger, blingier vehicle than my own.


I pull into a spot on garage level 3, put the car in park, and turn around with a sharp exhale. "Iris, what on earth do you want?"

Her eyes were shining.

"Mom, is dis Disneyland?"

* * * * *

My friends, when every parking garage could have Disneyland on the other side of it, your life is a happy one.

I have a lot to learn.

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Cute! Go up Goldwater, turn left on Camelback, first right...park in P1 by Dillards. There are always spaces. I've been parking there for 10 years. Never had to move on...

Oh, Iris. Just one day I would like to see the world through those big blue eyes of yours! Loved this.

Sounds like it's time for another D-land adventure! I'm ready when you are! Love you!!!