Problem, meet Solution

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, September 30, 2011 at 10:22 PM


I love to bake. And cook. And try new recipes. (I might have mentioned this.) For reference, over the last few weeks, I have made 20 new recipes I have found on Pinterest, and I have the ingredients for 3 more this next week.

This is a Good Thing.

However, I am also often in a hurry to get everything done. And when that happens, this happens.

(Those burns are two weeks and one week old, respectively. And you can't see the healing blister on my right palm.)

But I figured it out! And in true Wizzle fashion, I scoured every website of every oven mitt purveyor in the continental United States, until I found just the right one.

Hopefully this will cut down on people asking me if I have a very aggressive cat.

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The colors were perfect, and in a nice punchy pattern!

I have battle scars from my oven as well. Catering is definitely hazardous to your health. Just wait until someone asks you if you're a cutter. That was my favorite. Idiot.

Looks like a great one. Good for you for loving to cook.

I was just telling mom how impressed I am with how much you cook for your kids. They even know the names of the recipes you make for them. That takes a tremendous effort to cook for a family of five. You should know that. I'd love to have you share your favorite recipes with me, since I LOVE whatever I eat at your place.

you should see the burn on my arm right now. for some reason, i've burned myself about 5 times in the past two months!