The Giveaway Revealed!

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, October 8, 2011 at 7:54 PM


Cristina, don't take this the wrong way - but when I saw who won my giveaway, I just knew it had to be food.

(Some people eat because they'll die if they don't. And some people love food. I am one of those people, and so is Cristina.)

She's a kind, loving, busy mom of three little ones just like me, and I know how it is to be running here and there, taking care of everyone else. So I made a little prize full of simple, divine things just for her to enjoy, after everyone else is in bed, or first thing in the morning with the cool crisp autumn air coming in through the open window.

It took me a little longer than I anticipated to get everything together, because I wanted it to be Just So. And it was.

2 oz. of Sel Gris from Go lb. Salt - seriously, this stuff makes literally anything taste like an angelic morsel

One pound of Spring Clover honey from Made By Bees - I could eat this stuff by the spoon! Oh, wait. I already do that.

One package of insanely delicious salted caramels from Nuts 4 Brittle - and you bet your last shiny nickel I got a package of these for myself too!

And a loaf of my homemade bread - because a little bird told me that if you put butter, honey and a little sprinkle of salt on good quality toast, it's like 1+1+1=thisonegoesto11. Which I will absolutely be personally researching tomorrow morning. Or possibly in about 2 hours.

All purchased at the Gilbert Farmer's Market this very morning, although all these vendors can also be found at the SuperFarm Market.

So congratulations Cristina, and thanks for letting us come play with your chickens this afternoon!

(Ah, the perks of living local to your blogger-who-is-small-enough-to-pay-house-calls.)

Today's joy: Eve caught in rare in-the-wild footage, singing a tasty little bit from Sweeney Todd. It's only one line, and maybe only I can even tell what it is, but I think any recorded history of one's 5-year-old singing in her tiny Minnie Mouse voice about a deranged barber who decapitates people and then bakes them into meat pies is worth watching, don't you?

(P.S. Translation: "I would hear the city bells ring, whatever I would do - no, there's no place like London! I feel home again!")

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SUCH an awesome video of Eve. Her hair, I can't believe her hair. She really is turning into Rapunzel. Such a sweet little picture of childhood: coloring in pajamas and singing to oneself.

And that giveaway basket looks positively delectable!!

Mmmm Mmmmm Mmmm! Now THAT is a Giveaway! Love love love all those vendors & the Gilbert Farmers Market! Nothing like Buying Local! :-)