International Babywearing Week

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, October 9, 2011 at 8:36 PM


You guys know that I love carrying my babies.

A good carrier, and the knowledge to use it safely, is a tool that I think no parent should be without. Not everyone finds it as integral to their parenting as I do, and that's cool.

But for me?

Devlin, 2004

It has been my favorite thing about babies.

Eve, 2006

And now that we're mostly moved on from this stage, I look back on it so fondly, and treasure every chance I get to hold my "babies" close.

("I not a BABY, Mom!" "I know you're not, Iris. Believe me, I know.")

Iris, 2008

So, in the interest of spreading the love once again, I invite anyone local to me to participate in any or all of the festivities for International Babywearing Week, which begins tomorrow. I'll definitely be making an appearance at some of them. I'm hoping, in particular, to have some nice photos taken on Friday with my last little sling baby.

Today's joy: After I put the girls to bed, I told Devlin I would play one game of Uno with him and then I needed to get him to bed so I could fold laundry. He begged to be allowed to stay up and help, and then offered me one of his marvelous hugs: free of charge, available from midnight to midnight, every day, forever.

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SO, so darling. When I come home you'll have to show me the back wearing technique. I think Jasper's getting anxious to "see" everything.