Jackrabbit Pride

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, October 21, 2011 at 10:19 PM


Homecoming weekend at Mesa High. Good old Mesa High!

David's youngest sister Holly is student body president, so I officially have more connections and appearance of popularity now, 12 years out of high school, than I ever did while I was actually there! She asked if I would be one of the alumni speakers at the annual Traditions Assembly, so this morning I brought Iris on stage with me (which was mostly pretty smooth, and very entertaining). I spoke a little bit about the lessons I took away from Mesa High, where my grandparents, parents, myself, and my high-school sweetheart/now my husband all went.

I did leave out the part about how my kids will go to Mountain View, the sworn rival of Mesa High. That seemed prudent.

The big football game was tonight:

Eve was chosen to be a crown bearer for the homecoming royalty, along with her cousin Chloe:

She has been wearing that Mona Lisa smile ever since. I would give a million dollars to be able to spend a few minutes in her head and see all the floridly spectacular imaginings that must be swirling around in there. I imagine that carrying that velvet pillow with a crown resting atop, and handing it off to a Real Life King, has kicked off a good week's worth of fantasy.

One enigmatic dreamer, one toothless social butterfly. I love it:

Today's joy: At my children's elementary school, the students and teachers can send "Hale mail" to each other each week. Today, Eve brought home a little blue slip of Hale mail, from her brother. It read: "Dear Eve, Hi! Hopeing you the best! Have fun!"

Then he drew of picture of himself and Eve holding hands.

Then I died of happiness.

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Sure enjoyed your presentation this morning, and Iris stole the hearts of the audience. Thanks for supporting at the game and for letting Eve participate. What a great day/night!

Ha ha I like the mt view bit. I think my kids will be going to westwood. I would have loved to hear you! And visit good ole mesa high. I haven't been there for a lonnngg time. i miss it!

I love the brother to sister mail story. So sweet.

I just love everything about this. It's all the best. (And I love that you probably made every girl with a current high school sweetheart swoon when you said you married yours.)

Wish I could have been there. Who is that hot guy in the background of the third photo? I am with you, I would have paid to see how Eve's mind was taking it all in. I think she just had the best day a kid could have.