Kicking off Halloween Week

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, October 24, 2011 at 8:41 PM


As of last year, I started getting pretty Scrooge-y about Halloween.

I used to love dressing up, and eating candy, and all the wild Halloween behavior. It was one night of mayhem and costume and excess. It was awesome.

Now, I have 3 kids to dress, and Halloween has ballooned to an entire week of festivities: at home, at church, at school. Every person and organization I know, it seems, is throwing a Halloween party. So now, I have to keep the kids' costumes in wearable condition for 5 or 6 different occasions, all of which involve eating and playing outside. I have to have Eve's Hermione frizz-hair properly frizzed for all of these events. Devlin's wand has to be charged and at the ready. And while I can let them go hog-wild on the treats for one night, I somehow feel if it's going to be a week's worth of gluttony, I have to hold them off a little bit.

And that is not an easy task.

I am going to try to view it in a more positive light this year, as my cousin pointed out to me tonight: at least we get our money's worth out of their costumes!

The clear highlight of tonight's Palmer Family Costume Carnival?

My brother and his girlfriend Audrey, dressed as some kind of 80's rock star fabulosity.

Today's joy: I took three children to a Halloween party, alone, AND I brought soup and bread. And I did it all with a smile on my face! This is a Huge Victory.

And now, all I have to look forward to is my very own little loaf of blueberry streusel bread (thanks Kim!) and the sound of Tim Gunn's melodious voice serenading me from my laptop. Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!

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Halloween can be exhausting! Congrats on making it through with a smile on your face!

Are you saying you were able to "Make it work"? Also, what kind of soup?

Halloween is usually my favorite holiday, but for some reason this year I'm just not feeling it. Maybe it's because I'm loving this fall weather and Halloween is when it usually ends.

I loooovvvve Halloween. SOmeday I will have a big halloween party. Someday. How does net week look for a visit?? I am pretty open! HUdson has a cold right now but should be feeling better by next week! We would love to come see you again!

Your bread and soup were AMAZING! As was your matchy-matching family. Loved the costumes. Evan now says that next year he wants to be Harry Potter (even though the only thing he knows about Harry Potter is from the one pair of Harry Potter socks he got as hand-me-downs) But he'd get a magic wand, and that is all he needs! :)