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My kids make a lot of noise.

Sure, they yell, and squeal, and shriek - just like every kid. And that kind of noise is fine. I just tell them to take it outside. Mother Nature can handle a little shrieking.

The noise that I have bigger problems with is when all three of them are taking it in turns (or worse, all over top of each other!) to tell me - in their most fervent stage voices - about every sand in their proverbial hourglass of time, and every precious thought that goes through their heads.

These kids need an editor. And it needs to not be me.

Eve will be singing at a nice mezzo-forte in a range somewhere on the upper third of the piano keyboard, Devlin is explaining in excrutiating detail about "capturing in passing", which is apparently a chess move, but I still don't understand it because Iris is also shouting (you know, to be heard over everyone else - because that is clearly superior to waiting your dang turn) about how she is going to be Dobby for Halloween.

Which, of course, I already know, because I made her costume. In July. That, and she told me 572 times today already.

They all have a viewpoint on everything. And that viewpoint is enthusiastic, and LOUD, and lengthy, and it absolutely cannot wait one blessed moment to be aired before the court of public opinion.

One time, a couple of weeks ago, I had to run some paperwork by Devlin's ELP classroom after school with all three children in tow. This would not be something I would look forward to in any case, and the unpleasantness was magnified because it was the ELP teacher. Devlin wanted to show off his rarified surroundings to his younger, less-worldly sisters, and the girls were desperate to demonstrate their powers of deductive reasoning, their ample vocabularies, and their general knowledge of all things great and small.

After listening intently to about 5 minutes of unceasing, three-deep, full-throttle chatter, Mrs. Knappenberger looked over their heads at me with a knowing smile and said:

"Does it make you tired to have three such smart kids?"

I had never thought about it like that.

(Probably because my ears and my brain are full of lively treble discussion regarding the air speed velocity of an unladen European swallow.)

But ever since, when I start reaching my limit, I remember Mrs. Knappenberger's insightful take on their eager, overflowing minds...

...and it buys me about 10 more seconds before I start the next round of The Quiet Game.

Today's joy: Tonight at dinner, while I was trying to ignore the benign-but-infuriating noise level, Iris managed to make herself heard over her siblings so that she could ask me if Sirius Black had ears. That pushed things right over the hump from annoying to hilarious, which is a leap that is often hard for me to make. I laughed and laughed and laughed, and the home stretch to bedtime became much more enjoyable.

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It's amazing what a little perspective can do when parenting. My kids do the same thing and it definitely makes the house very loud.

What a beautiful reminder to us all. They are not distractions to our work, they ARE our work. (:

Rachel- you have a beautiful gift of story telling. Honestly!!! I loved reading about that- and getting to hear one of Iris' 572 accounts of her being Dobby for Halloween today. She is a crack up! Your family is just so lovely!!

Rachel!!!! I am so ridiculous! I just realized that button over to the right was not "yours!". I have been commenting on this strange person's blog, even going so far as to correct the ages of her children thinking it was you!! What is wrong with me? I am so embarrassed. Yeah, I totally didn't know how you were doing two full blogposts everyday. Turns out you're not, I'm just hilarious.

I love it when they say something so funny that it alters the course of the whole evening. Love you, Iris!

would never have guessed you for a "Search for the Holy Grail" fan...thanks for the hilarious excerpt analogy!

Yes, big Monty Python fans around here!