Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2011 at 8:36 PM


Honestly, what am I supposed to do with such a beautiful child?

Her hair is long enough for legit pigtails now, and it looks darling.

But it also kind of freaks me out, because it makes her look so grown up.

At least Devlin is still little boy enough to sit down on the floor and push tractors around.

Today's Joy: Besides the pigtails? I unexpectedly ran into my mother-in-law this afternoon (this is a joy for me, yes - sorry about your mother-in-law if you're scratching your head right now!) at an absolutely Godforsaken outlet mall that is not very close to either one of our houses, and which neither one of us frequents with any regularity. What are the odds? It was so fun!

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she is so adorable. I like your mother in law too! You will have to say hi to her for me. :)

It was serendipity defined. Loved running into you guys, and definitely didn't find one thing to look at in the mall. SSSSSOOOOOOO glad you were there or it would have been a complete waste of time. Haha.