Pulled This Way and That

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, October 14, 2011 at 11:01 PM


I think I might be crazy.

But I didn't used to be crazy. I used to be very nice, and fun, and funny, and I didn't wonder aloud if I was losing my mind on a daily basis.

I didn't grind my teeth.

I didn't eat whole packages of Oreos in one sitting for stress relief.

I didn't view "going to the dentist" or "working nights" as priceless opportunities for alone time.

Then I had children. And they are alternately, and simultaneously, the most gut-achingly wonderful and completely infuriating children in the Universe.

They don't actually hear me talk at all, and hear everything I say as "Carry on, dear children, do whatever you please with no regard for situation appropriateness or my mental state".

Until I finally get to "SHUT UP or I am most likely going to hurt someone." Then they do, in fact, shut up for a while.

For which I am extremely grateful.

I just wish we didn't have to get there.

But seriously, aren't they just beautiful?

Today's joy: The chicken tikka masala I started marinating tonight smells awesome. And I remembered to start marinating it tonight. And I think I imbued it with a certain extra Polish-Parisian flair because I was listening to Chopin while I made it.

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You are crazy. Crazy awesome. Ha! That sounds like a line from the office. You love your kids and they know it. That is, ultimately, the most important thing. And yes, they're SO beautiful.

Great post. and good for mama's going crazy everywhere to read. ha ha. your kids are adorable. sometimes I fill like I am going to explode i love my kids so much. and sometimes I think they are going to make me explode for a different reason.

Your kids are gorgeous. It's a fact. Also: Tell Eve I adore that skirt she's wearing, I totally want one of my own!!

I have decided that I am officially crazy as well. Glad to know I'm in good company!

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It's OK...there is no such thing as normal...we are all various degrees of crazy. Even when you thought of yourself as normal before...well...MAYBE you were! :-)

They are beautiful. And so are you! I just love the realness. Oh, and chicken tikka masala grilling just might be one of the yummiest smells created. Happy indeed. ;)