Roasted Pumpkin Patch

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, October 17, 2011 at 9:01 PM


David works for a great company. Every year, they host a family-friendly activity for everyone to bring their little peeps and come and really enjoy. They have done it at the Phoenix Zoo in the past, but this year they took us to Schnepf Farms for the Pumpkin Patch festival!

They do it up right too - we got VIP wristbands and there was no haggling about the price of a roller coaster vs. a caramel apple. Huge weight off my mind - times 5.

I traditionally kind of hate pumpkin patches, actually. That is because, in Arizona, we have beautiful weather in October about half the time. You would think, then, that statistically at least some of the time I would get a nice day when I go to pick a pumpkin.

You would be wrong. So very wrong.

It never fails to be in the upper 90's, no matter how late I push the adventure into the month. Tragically, this day was no exception and the mercury just kept going up, and up, and up. And this little English rose does not do well in the heat.

It took me until the next day to fully recover, actually. But it was worth it. The kids had a fabulous time, and despite the brutal sun it was the best time I have ever had at a pumpkin patch here in The Land That Fall Forgot.

The first thing everyone chose to do was ride the train. Iris was all bravada:

Until we took off and the conductor blew the horn. Apparently, some children like that kind of thing. Iris did not scream in terror, but she did opt out of that experience to the best of her ability:

(Side note: does anyone else feel like their arms look always freakishly HUGE in photos? They catch me off guard every stinking time. ARM! Aaaaaahhhhh!)

Devlin rode with his Daddy, and I don't think I have ever seen a more contented little face:

We did some other awesomely fun things, including watching dogs catch Frisbees, riding a giant slide, attending a BMX demonstration, and, you know, choosing pumpkins. In my heat-induced haze, I didn't take many photos - but I kept my metaphorical cool, which is a much greater victory for me.

Face painting was the only activity we paid for, and it was well worth it as always:

P.S. Want to see something hilarious? Try to get three children to remember what side their face is painted on, then all show that cheek to the camera, then smile. So not happening.

Saturday's joy: All three children chose their own pumpkins, and no one argued about whose was biggest, orangest, or superlative in any other aspect. I cannot overstate how surprising and wonderful this was!

Sunday's joy: When I sent an email from my dearly beloved new mobile phone this weekend, I saw that David had set my signature to read "Sent from the iPhone my wonderful husband bought me". I am leaving it because it made me laugh so hard!

Today's joy: Guess how many toilet boxes I have in my house right now? Zero! ZERO TOILET BOXES! Wahoooooooo!

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I love, love, love your little joys. They totally deserve air time.

Your kids and face-painting--a match made in heaven.

"The land that Fall forgot"--you are just a genius sometimes. It is so awesome to call you family.

And YES, see you soon!

Glad you had a fun time at the pumpkin patch. That is a victory. I am jealous that you have no toilet boxes in your house. I still have exactly 1. Haha.

I was just commenting to my husband yesterday that my arms look huge in pictures. In a sad way, I'm glad I'm not the only one!