Round peg in a skinny hole

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, October 10, 2011 at 8:51 PM


A couple of weeks ago, it came to my attention that no jeans in Iris's size had survived the hand-me-down process. I thought she should probably have a pair, so today when I found myself driving by Once Upon A Child, I thought we'd pop in and pick some out.

She's a girl, after all: there were sure to be racks and racks to choose from!

And there were. Skinny jeans, bootcut jeans, jeans with pink polka dots, sparkly purple corduroys...

...but not a one of them would go over her luscious, athletic thighs.

Well, one pair went over, but her eyes got big and she looked down and said "Mom, those pants hurt me". Then I couldn't button them. And then I very nearly couldn't get them off. That was awesome.

I was mystified. Eve was always more willowy, so we never ran into this. Devlin may be a sack of bones now, but when he was younger, he was quite fleshy - and yet I NEVER had any trouble getting jeans on him. Boy's clothes are cut so roomy that it would take a very strapping specimen indeed to exceed the proportions allowed by the pattern.

But girl's clothes are a different story.

Right from toddlerhood, it seems, they are cut slim and trim and restrictive. Does my barely-three-year-old really need to be learning this particular life lesson right now? Is it already time for her to see that she, literally, doesn't fit in?

We joke that Iris could pull a plow.

She has some serious back end.

But I think that the makers of size 4T pants could cut her a little slack. (Slack, get it?)

After huffing and puffing her way out of yet another rejected pair, she surveyed the rack and her pudgy little hand lit upon a nice, soft dark blue item hidden amongst the denim.

I could hardly believe my eyes, but they were definitely tiny Pajama Jeans. Thick, soft knit pants - felt like sweats, looked like jeans! You know, almost like jeans.

We grabbed those suckers and before you could say Jack Robinson, Iris was preening down the aisle, with her pride and her belly fat intact.

"Hey! Mom! These pants fit me!"

They did. So we bought two pairs.

People, it's not about making yourself fit into whatever is out there. You've got to find what fits you - even if it is Pajama Jeans - and rock it just as hard as you can.

Today's joy: David will be home in about 2 hours!!!

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Hahaha! You crack me up Rachel. If you've got it, flaunt it Iris!

Hey Wizzy..I think you drive a minivan with Wizzzle on the I waved but I don't think you saw me or would have known who was waving. Hope you are surviving fall break. Oh and tell your baby that I inherited a pair of pajama jeans this summer from my MIL and they didn't even fit me so she should feel really good about hers and wear them proud..seriously who doesn't fit into those things?

She looks awesome! That's so crazy to me that she can't find pants that fit because she looks like she's even slimmer now than she used to be. Aren't you so proud that she's such a confident, happy girl. I hope she always feels that way--about life and herself.

She is perfectly lovely in every way, my friend. I have the same problem with both my bmy eldest (due to her inheriting her mama's big bootie), and my youngest is a she has the same problem but just for the opposite reason. Hand-me-downs between the two are a nightmare!! I've given up trying to make my little girl fit my big girl's shape - it's just not worth it, as I'm sure you know. I love that our girls can shake what their mama's gave them - in any shape or form!! xoxox

Whoa...blogger garbled my comment big time! That should read: "I have the same problem with both my girls. My Eldest..."


I love her supermodel poses! What a cutie! I have a similar problem with all my kids. Especially Joey. He's so big and he just won't stop growing. I usually go for overalls with him because they're roomy and I can start them out with shorter straps and let them out as he grows.