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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, October 3, 2011 at 9:33 PM


Honestly. Could he be any more wonderful? I have entitled this picture "Devlin's Many Bookmarks". I think there are probably a couple more hiding in there that are not visible from this angle.

At least none of the bookmarks are Legos or toy soldiers. (This time.)

P.S. See my new button, over on the right there? 31 days of joy in the journey? All month, I am going to be posting a little joy every day. I'm real keen on little joys anyway, seeing as it gets awfully boring waiting for the "big" ones!

I saw the idea first here, and she in turn found it here, from whence it originated. If you want to join in, grab the button or just start posting! Finding something beautiful in every day doesn't make all the other stuff go away, and it's not self-delusion or gloating. Just a conscious effort to find, and share, a little piece of happiness.

The world can use a lot, lot more finding and sharing of the happiness, if you ask me.

My joy for today? There were *exactly* three huge sheets of bubble wrap in my Pampered Chef order. I have *exactly* three children. Fate is, indeed, kind!

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i love everything about this post.

Accio bookmark!

I think I may join in! and I didn't know you knew Emily! Small world. I am planning on some locust skin inspection! Maybe when we get back from ks? would that work for you??

The bubble wrap made me smile....and remember how serendipitous it was when things just happened to have just the right amount to make every child happy. Joy!

love it!