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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, October 31, 2011 at 9:51 PM


'Tis Halloween, at long last!

I thought, for the holiday, I would dress up as A Nice, Fun Mom Who Does Nice, Fun Kid Things For Her Kids.

You know, just the once. To try it out.

I made a special Halloween dinner complete with mummy dogs, "apple grins", "witches brew", and a hummus graveyard.

And of course, we used our new (old) green goblets. Despite all the kids' enthusiastic toasting of this, that, and the other, none were broken. I think that's a pretty ringing endorsement.

The graveyard was a particular favorite, although we couldn't eat the marked gravestones due to the fact that I wrote on them in Sharpie. (I may have been dressed up as a Nice Mom, but on no holiday ever am I Nice enough to make a special trip to Michael's for an edible marker, although I hear tell of such wonders from other people).

So we ate our dinner, during which I was proclaimed The Best Mom Ever more than once. Then we trick-or-treated, which took literally half the time it did last year (Iris is a year older and evidently much faster). The kids (mostly) had good manners, saying "thank you" and "happy Halloween!"

Iris took it a step farther and bowed low and graciously after receiving candy at every house.

Oh, and special bonus photo of my van decorated for the ward trunk-or-treat, which was Saturday night. This picture in NO WAY accurately depicts how insanely awesome my car looked. I stole the idea from some genius lady on Pinterest:

Today's joy: getting a nice early start, and finishing trick-or-treating in time to get the girls in bed by 7:30. Now that is magical!

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Love the HP theme!

That is awesome! Happy Halloween to my kiddos. You're amazing, Rachel!

Wow Rach! Your kids sure are lucky to have you as their Mom!

Wow- you ARE supermom!!!

Cute costumes -- and I love the van!

Harry Potter! Yes!

Oh my goodness- I saw your van drive by on the way to the stake center and I literally GASPED! Nice job on the costumes as well- Thanks for sharing at My Dear Trash

I love this post so much. I wanted to say though that my favourite part of all of your posts is reading your joys. So uplifting.