Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, November 21, 2011 at 7:57 PM


Remember how I said "you can do anything, but you can't do everything"?

Right now, I am making doll clothes for my girls for Christmas. I have three more outfits to make, and then I think I will be done. There may not be much blogging happening until next week, unless one of my small people does something especially hilarious, picturesque, or life-endangering.

Anyone else in a crafting frenzy?

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Very fun! I'm sure your girls will love them! Lexi will probably have to wait until her birthday for doll clothes.

Great job! You are on a roll.

Very cute doll clothes. What doll do they fit?

They are to fit an 18" baby doll. I think they will fit an American Girl doll too, though, or the Madame Alexander ones that Costco has had the last couple of years. I believe they are 18" as well. This particular doll has cloth to her knees and elbows, so I am sticking with long sleeves to cover that.

Heidi, I have had some of these clothes cut out for at least one year, and possibly two (I can't even remember!) so you will probably still beat me, even if you don't make it under the wire for Christmas. :)

I'm in the crafting frenzy too! Mine is mostly knitting though. I've got a ton of hats to make.

Just FYI most of the 18" patterns are pretty universal. The soft baby dolls tend to be slightly bigger, so the clothes might be looser on the firm body dolls. They should still fit though.

Rachel, this will be one of those things your girls will look back on when they're adults and think: I can't believe my mom did that for me! They're beautiful. So very sweet of you to do for them. :)