Guest of Honor

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 7:29 PM



Today was just one of those days.

On paper, it was a FANTASTIC day, and anyone anywhere in the world would count themselves lucky to have that day.

But for whatever reason, I was just kind of crabby.

No big deal, though. Nothing a little family picnic-in-front-of-a-movie-breakfast-for-dinner couldn't cure.

By the way, if you want, you can check out my guest post today at Fun On A Dime. Michelle is a friend of mine from high school, and now she has this really snappy little blog about family activities, crafts, recipes, and just general good times on a budget (and who isn't on a budget, seriously?)

Anyway, it's my first guest post anywhere, so I'm feeling pretty fancy. And it truly is one of my very favorite stories, that I love to share again and again.

Now I'm headed off for a nice hot bath and some quality time with the long-dead Mr. Thomas Hardy.

(Don't worry, I won't let him try any funny business in there. My heart belongs to That Guy I Married.)

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Loved your guest post. It was darling :)

I freaking love you!

Loved it!!!! how sweet!!

and your not the only one, I feel like this all the time and something very similar happened to me with my eldest son. Now i try to see the world through his eyes.

Natasha xxx

You've stopped me in my tracks two days in a row. What a wonderful story about your number two child and her shoes. Thanks for sharing!