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Your motivation running post is once again delayed - this time, by my fanciful, capricious, mysterious, impulsive, confounding middle child.

And her scissors.

I think the rest blew all around the cul-de-sac.

You see, this afternoon, Eve needed some scissors for a perfectly harmless project. She couldn't find them, because Devlin hoards them all, but I happened to have a seen a pair in the back seat of the van that morning, so I sent her out to retrieve them.

(Also, scissors in my car? We can revisit that later, I suppose.)

When she returned, I was at my sewing machine with my back to the garage door. She came in and proceeded to putter about, humming to herself.

Then I heard a sniffle.

"Mom, I did something really bad".

I stopped, afraid to turn around.

But I did anyway...

...and beheld the most pitiful sight that I ever did see: my Eve, whose beautiful blonde locks I had trimmed just that weekend, with her braids lopped straight across the bottom (except for the piece on her right side that she missed).

And a more wretched, sorrowful countenance you never laid eyes on. (As sad as it was to see her like this, I was secretly delighted at her quick change of heart. If I'm lucky, this will be the only time I write a post like this).

So we trimmed off the errant bit, revoked scissor privileges from all children until further notice (yes, Devlin, even you - if you put the darn things away when you were done, this probably wouldn't have happened!), and I hugged her and told her how proud I was for owning up to her misdeed, even though she knew it was wrong and she knew I wouldn't be happy.

(Please, karma, repay me this Good Mothering Moment when this child is a teenager and does something much more serious than cut her own hair).

Apparently, Eve's "friend" at school, who is not in her class, and whose name she does not know, but who "smiles at me every day at lunch, so she must be my friend!" had her hair cut last week, and Eve has been pining for a windblown short cut ever since. It seems my waiting period had grown tiresome to her.

Family pictures are this weekend, for both sides, and I don't know if I want to send her in front of the camera with short hair like she wants, a hairstyle so radically different from the flowing-locks girl I have always known.

I'm sure I'll get used to it in a couple of days. But seriously, I just got done grieving Iris's lost tooth. Can I just have one quiet month here with no sudden changes in the appearance of my beautiful children?

Who's in charge around here, anyway?!

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It sounds like you handled that really well. How fortunate that it wasn't front and center. Bless her sad.

i love good parenting moments. they make up for all the bad ones. the ones that make me feel really really bad.

Rachel, that is serious awesomeness on your part. I probably would have cried, thrown up AND fainted at the same time (I assure you, it can be done).

You know, I just recently cut Piper's hair (12 inches) and I was so sad. We, too, have family pictures coming up this weekend and I knew that she wanted short hair so bad. I did it before I could give it a second thought and instantly loved her cut. Although it's a bit shorter than I would have liked, we donated the rest to Beautiful Lengths.

Okay, novel over. Just wanted to let you know that I feel ya.

Her face! Her sweet, pitiful, tearful face! That is a precious picture. Good thing her hair was in braids, so the damage was somewhat orderly-?

I agree completely with Ashley. I don't know that I've ever seen a picture with more potent emotion. I love you both.

She still has beautiful, flowing blond locks.... :) She will look lovely for the pics, no matter what hairstyle she ends up with. Like granny said.... at least it wasn't terribly noticeable. You know, when I was a kid I took scissors and cut my eyebrows -- YES, my eyebrows. Cut a vertical chunk right out of the middle of both of them. I didn't have two eyebrows, I had four. Thank goodness there are no pictures. Grandma let me use eyebrow pencil for a while until they grew in. Things could be MUCH worse.....