Little Magics

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, November 2, 2011 at 8:25 PM


I didn't mean for the "magic" in the title of this post to be literally magic, like with a wand. I was thinking more along the lines of "the magic of childhood", or "the magic of wide-open perception".

But in my house, it seems that a lot of that all comes back around to wands and whatnot.

Just a few sweet little moments from my last couple of days:

If you were Devlin, and you were reading Harry Potter , and you needed to mark your place, you might just use a wand to do it. I just love his sweet little bed, with all his space paraphernalia, and his book, and his's just his personality and this moment of his life all wrapped up in one beautiful scene.

And then Eve at her kindergarten Halloween party, at which I was a shepherd/costume repairperson/parent helper. I tied her tie, and took out her braids and fluffed her Hermione hair, and then had to break the news to her that her stick-wand was not allowed in class as it was considered a weapon. (A stick is definitely a weapon in her hands, by the way. That was totally the right call).

I could see her face start to crumple, and turn red, and I knew I had to act fast, or there was going to be Eve-brains all over the ceiling when her head exploded. My mind raced just ahead of hers, and I blurted out "Hermione's wand needed repairs, so it's in Mr. Ollivander's shop until tonight!"

She bit.

Crisis averted.

And tonight, Devlin playing Scrabble with his daddy and me. Let's just say that Dev had some help, and I'm not quite losing. But it's close.

And luckily, Dev wasn't paying too much attention, so we narrowly avoided having to explain the definition of "whore" when David played it for 45 points.

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That last sentence made my day. No matter what mess my kids get into today at least I can take comfort in the fact that I won't have to attempt to define that word! David should know better, but 45 points is hard to give up!

Oh my goodness I LOVE you, and your whole dang family. And Hermione is the cutest.

I just choked on my chocolate chip pumpkin bread on that last sentence. Best scrabble game ever. We usually assign extra points for sneaking in words that describe bodily functions. Always a party when the scrabble board comes out. Thanks for the belly laugh.