What I've learned from running, part 1

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, November 17, 2011 at 7:12 PM


I say part one, because I only started 6 months ago. I am sure there is much, much more to learn. But on my long run on Tuesday, I had a few bullet points float up to the top of the pile.

It doesn't matter if you run. It doesn't matter if you never leave your couch, or your office, or your pajamas. Apply to any aspect of your life, it all works.

1. You can't do everything.

I have been loving yoga for the last 3 years. LOVE. Can't get enough. But while I'm focusing on running, no matter how much I love yoga, I can't do it 6 days a week. Usually 2. Someone very, very wise once said "You can do anything. You can't do everything." We can love lots of awesome things, but we can't make them all first priority all the time. A season to every thing.

2. Be open to obstacles.

I used to think it would be way more fun to run if I didn't have to push a kid in a stroller while I did it. But I actually find that I run better when I have Iris with me, because it forces me to run a bit slower, and much steadier. I can go farther, I enjoy it more, and it's more sustainable. Sometimes things that we think will hinder us actually make us better. Give it a chance.

3. Equip yourself.

If your feet hurt, get better shoes. If you're overheating, get smaller clothes. :) Make sure you have what you need to meet your goals, and to do it joyfully. It doesn't matter your budget, you can get what you need. (I find tons of great workout clothes at Goodwill.) You just need to allow yourself to take care of yourself. You are important, and it's okay to make room in your life for the things that feed your soul.

More than okay.

4. It's okay to be uncomfortable for awhile.

I did not learn this dancing, probably because I was so young. I did learn it having two babies at home in my bathtub, though, and I have learned it again and again running. Some things that are good things, worthy things, are painful in the moment.

You won't die. No one ever died from being uncomfortable. Keep going.

That stitch in your side, or pain in your ribs, or ache in your leg? You can stop or you can press on - either way, it will pass in a minute or two. Might as well keep going.

5. If you have the mojo, DON'T STOP!

Once you find a groove, a stride - do not allow yourself to be sidetracked. It is much, much harder to start again than to just keep going. Ride the wave you caught.

6. If it's not working, drop it like a hot potato.

I don't care how awesome everybody else says it is - if it's not serving you, throw it overboard and don't look back. You can't fake running. In the end, you can't fake life. At some point, the truth will out and you just need to do what works for you - otherwise, you can't keep moving forward.

7. Finish with inward honor.

There is not an award or a medal waiting for us at the end of every run, or every race, or every stage or moment in our lives. But if we are lucky, there will be someone we love at the finish line, screaming our name, arms open, waiting to welcome us.

And that, my friends, is pretty friggin fantastic.

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I love that last line, " finish with inward honor.". Isn't that what its ALL ABOUT?