Day Off

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2011 at 4:17 PM


I'm taking today off of documenting my Dressember journey. I've got more important things to do today.

Because this guy had surgery this morning to fix the inside of his nose - partly non-functioning because he broke his nose as a young boy, and partly non-functioning due to bad genes.

I sure do love him.

Either way, it didn't work so good. He's looking forward to being able to breathe through it, and perhaps smell things as well.

(He's lucky it wasn't fixed in time for him to smell the patient next to us in recovery defecate in his or her bed. David escaped nausea as a complication of the anesthesia, but my nose works great and I had plenty of stomach churning for both of us over that little incident.)

In the meantime, I'm busy making sure he has enough pillows, popsicles, and Percocet.

See you tomorrow?

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Good luck to David and his recovery! I hope his nose job was successful. :)

Get Well Soon David!!

Those 3 p's should keep him comfortable. Hope his recovery is swift and sure.

From a BTDTx2 stand point, I feel his pain. Sinus surgery is so painful. Would have much rather given birth again. I hope recovery is fast. He will be so so glad he did it when he is well again!!!

We love you Dave! We've seen a nose surgery in our family before, and we hope not to see another--though the results were well worth it! Good luck in your recovery!!

Yes hope he is feeling better quickly! surgery is never fun for anyone!