Dressember 10: Sparkling Saturday

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, December 10, 2011 at 5:30 PM


Just to dispel some of the mystique that may or may not be forming around me, my wardrobe, and this whole Dressember process:

- I did not wear this outfit to go to Beads Galore, Basha's, the park, or the Dollar Tree today.

- If you look closely, I'm sure you can still see lines on my legs from where my skinny jeans were tucked into my boots until 3 minutes before this photo was taken.

- I did not shower today. Or yesterday. And I went to an insanely sweaty 2-hour yoga workshop last night too, which means I still have all that sweat in my hair at this very moment. I didn't think that through until just now. That is really pretty disgusting.

That said, here is me, posed as if I were on the red carpet (because that is kind of how I felt!) with all my sparkliest sparkly things, standing in front of the Christmas tree just for good measure:

Earrings: So Good Jewelry (in Santa Barbara)
Dress: Ralph Lauren via Ross
Brooch: NY and Company
Shoes: Poetic Licence

Comments (4)

I NEED that dress!! Those shoes are pretty amazing as well. Love how you accessorized with that brooch.

It's a great dress. I saw it on the rack and I just knew it was going to be a winner. That almost never happens!

That is a great dress! I love the color and fit of it. You look hooottt...