Dressember 17, and an Eve Funny

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 3:27 PM


It's been too long since we had a funny from Eve, don't you think?

Earlier this week, Eve came home wearing clothes that I did not send her to school in. Clothes that don't belong to us, in fact.

This could only mean one thing.

Me: Eve, did you have an accident at school?

Eve: No.

Me: Um, okay. Where did you get those clothes?

Eve: I peed in my pants.

*mystified silence*

(Sounds like "an accident" to me, kiddo.)

Eve: It wasn't an accident though.

*curiouser and curiouser*

Eve: It wasn't one of the times to go to the bathroom, and I knew if I asked, I would get my apple tipped, and I didn't want to get my apple tipped. But I had to go really, really bad. So I peed in my pants.

And there you have it. Each child in her class has an apple, representing their behavior. Poor choices get your apple "tipped", and if it tips too much, it falls off, and then presumably you are in Big Trouble. Eve tipped her apple a couple of times the first week of school, and has solemnly vowed not to ever do it again.

It seems she is very, very serious about that.

(Now, I have since talked to her teacher, and Ms. Etzen is actually very nice, and not in the habit of using small people's bodily functions as punishment against them. Eve has since been informed that if she REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to go, she is free to do so without fear of botanical repercussions.)

And now for Dressember 17 - "Spots and Stripes Day"!

Earrings: a gift from a lovely friend
Cardigan: Maggy London, via Last Chance
Spotty top: Banana Republic
Spotty skirt: Vintage, "made in West Germany", so it's old enough that they had to specify. Pretty cool, I think!
Tights: Last Chance
Booties: J Shoes

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I made that same choice a few times (that's right. more than once!) in the third grade because of a similar situation. The bathrooms were locked during lunch (because some older girls were lighting fires), we had to "move our clip" and sacrifice our "bear stamp" for the day if we went during class, and I wasn't about to go during recess! So. I peed my pants a few times. At 9 years old I guess wetting myself was less demoralizing than being on the naughty list. I need to lighten up. P.S. I actually think my bladder suffered permanent damage from such abuse.

oh that Eve~
if only i had that kind of determination the box of chocolates in my kitchen wouldn't be half gone! *sigh*
i sure love this outfit, bytheway. it really suits you!

I love that it was a *logical* choice. Teachers sometimes don't realize how much their little motivators influence the hearts & minds of their students. Love you, Eve.