Dressember 3: The Magical Edition

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Saturday, December 3, 2011 at 8:12 PM


For Dressember 3rd, I spent the morning at the Desert Marigold School Winter Faire.

I have often said that it is a waste of time to cart your kids all over town to go to a "special" school. Education is what you make it, and I still think a person's home life and their personal commitment and attitude toward learning make more difference than anything else.

But Desert Marigold is the kind of place that makes me seriously rethink that philosophy.

It was amazing. I don't know if any of you locals know anything about this place - it was my first time there - but it has seriously good juju. It's a large, sprawling campus with a ton of beautiful outbuildings, hidden play cottages, a pond, gardens, livestock, and just such a magical feeling.

I'm someone who normally feels content to be in the minority. I just sort of think what I think, and I don't feel weird if everyone else thinks differently. I don't require my friends, or anyone around me, to mirror my beliefs in order to feel comfortable. But spending time at this school this morning, I felt surrounded by kindred spirits, and I have to tell you it was really, really awesome.

I felt like the way I talk to my kids was normal. I felt like the way my kids talk to other adults was normal. All the mothers - not just one or two - caring for their babies the same way I do. The activities were ones I would have chosen myself, the prizes were things I was glad to take home, and the food was food that I would eat in my own home. Everything was so clearly designed to allow children to be their best selves.

It was just...comforting.

So when I saw this big tall stump and thought "that, my friends, is where I am going to take today's Dressember photo", I just hopped right up and handed Dev the camera.

I didn't feel like anyone was staring at me strangely.

I just felt free, and happy, and beautiful.

Hat: Banana Republic, thrifted about 100 years ago
Earrings: a gift from this lovely lady
Scarf: cashmere, another souvenir from London last year (I got THREE scarves. I definitely have a problem.)
Dress and t-shirt: Target
Tights: Last Chance
Boot socks: Target
Boots: Born (yes, I still wear them that much)

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Everyone deserves to have a place where they feel so happy and free! I'm glad you found yours!

I have researched that school a lot and if it were not so far away it is definitely the place my kids would be going. It is amazing! Cute boots!