Dressember 7: Whirling Wednesday (minus the dress)

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, December 7, 2011 at 7:41 PM


Today was Whirling Wednesday for Dressember, which I thoroughly enjoyed last year.

I do love a good twirl, for no reason at all.

But since I do not currently own a dress that is remotely satisfying for whirling purposes, I decided I would wear Eve's pink pettiskirt - for the photo op only, don't get all excited. And I dressed however I pleased for the rest of the day.

Call it cheating if you like.

I documented my (non-dress) outfit this morning for another purpose, and intended to do the big pink Dresember switcharoo in the afternoon sometime.

Then I ran over a GIANT staple on Dobson road. Seriously the biggest staple I have ever seen, like a 10-gauge, 6 inch long staple that would hold shut a crate containing three rabid elephants. And you would not even worry for one second that they would escape.

And the rest of my daylight was pretty much sacrificed resolving that little situation. But now I totally know how to change a tire - and I could do it in a pink pettiskirt, too.

Earrings: a gift from my mom
Scarf: hand-knit by my lovely friend Kim (I seem to have a scarf for every occasion, don't I?)
Cardigan, top, and pants: Anthropologie
Boots: Born

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Sorry to hear about the tire! I wonder where that big staple came from. Anything to do with car troubles is so frustrating to me. I adore that sweater.

Maybe it's a good thing you weren't wearing the pettiskirt while you were changing the tire?!

Oh, that pettiskirt was *never* going to be seen outside the safe confines of my back fence, trust me.