Dressember 1: The Red and the Black

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Thursday, December 1, 2011 at 7:17 PM


Les Miz reference, anyone? Anyone?

* * * * *

Right then. Dressember the first. Let's get to it!

To kick things off with a challenge, I wore a dress, and a color combination, that is not really a slam-dunk for me. It was such a lovely cloudy day that I wanted some strong color - and some snuggly layers!

It is hard to take a photo of your entire outfit yourself:

Harder still to photograph your own awesome legwear:

But I try.

Cardigan - Banana Republic (merino wool, I swear this thing wears like iron. I bought it three years ago, wear the daylights out of it, and it looks brand new. I wish I could buy three more).
Dress: Boden
Earrings: Target
Scarf: some souvenir shop in London last year - all the British men are, or were, wearing them like this
Leggings, socks, and boots: Last Chance

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You look stunning. I, on the other hand, wore sweatpants and forgot to shower. I'm going to try it your way tomorrow.