I think it must be getting time for another "Day In The Life" post

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, January 11, 2012 at 7:07 PM


...because I seem to keep gravitating toward that narrative framework! In chronological order:

I'd say, without question, that I needed a pedicure more than I needed yoga today. Alas!

I went to more than one store, spent more than one hour, and, eventually, 25 of my hard-earned dollars, on hand soap today. And I ended up with exactly what I had before. I just thought that insanity deserved a picture.

We really, really like bananas.

I spent a couple of hours this afternoon seasoning the cast iron pans I bought off Craigslist several months ago, so that I can get to the business of actually using them instead of just tetris-ing them around in my cupboard to get to another pan. I used these instructions, and I am now the befuddled owner of four black, but very sticky, pans. Wonderful.

While that mess was happening, I tried hard-boiling eggs in these contraptions that David procured for me after watching me spend the better part of an hour (badly) peeling 8 of the little buggers awhile back. The verdict?

Fascinating. Luckily Eve will eat them here, there, or anywhere. Even if they are shaped like igloos.

It wasn't all Kitchen Fail today, though. No, I also managed to bake a loaf of bread and make double batches of both sweet and spicy meatballs and chocolate chip cookies. That all somehow amounted to a quadruple batch of dirty dishes.

I do not beat my middle child. If I did, I wouldn't beat her on the shins. I swear I do not know where all those bumps, cuts, and bruises came from!

Devlin helping his daddy mount outdoor speakers on our patio in his footie pajamas and sneakers is a lovely distraction from Mt. Disherest.

Good night, fair citizens! May your eggs be round, your piggies painted, and your children, if you have them, fleece-clad and sleeping!

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I should send you a picture of my toes. I have nasty bruises under my nails from six months ago. Your feet are downright pretty in comparison!

I love cast iron! I am sorry yours are all sticky and gross. I have done that before. Hopefully you don't mind my 2 cents on how to clean and cure them. In the South, cast iron frying pans are like your baby. Everyone has their opinion on how you should take care of them and no one is really wrong, but no one is really right either. It's a whatever works for you thing.

As for the sticky, if you soap them up really well and scrub the heck out of them a few times, the sticky will come off. Use a good grease cutting soap and a brush or something with some scrubbing power. I would just towel dry them until all the sticky is gone and they are good and clean. When you're sure they are good and clean, dry it on the stove until it is dry. Then let it cool off.

As for curing, once they're cool, I just pour some vegetable oil in them, spread the veggie oil all around with a paper towel, and stick them in the oven on as low as possible and leave them there (til I think about it again). I usually leave it an hour. I think. For me, they always have oil left, just sitting in the bottom, but I take them out of the oven and let them sit on the stove over night. The next day, I wash them again, then dry them on the stove 'til the water is gone.

I use a little Dawn ever time I wash my pans, just because I like to know the germs are gone and I hate it when even a tiny bit of food gets left on and I have to scrub even harder the next time. I just have to cure them two or three times a year. I'm cool with that.

I hope this helps! And I hope we can still be cousins/blog friends/real friends (have we ever met?) even though I just wrote a novel on your comment board. Good luck!

Just wanted to say, thanks for your blogs since I'm pretty bed ritten as of late (or in the bathroom) and they keep me laughing. :) Sorry about the pans- never cook in one myself, but vow to one day. As for the eggs...I've seriously have had perfect eggs the last 4 times when I've boiled them in water with at least 2 pinches of salt. (Not that my kids will be able to enjoy boiled eggs for at least another month because I'm sure that smell will just do me in) but try it and hopefully, you'll have that perfect peel-in-one piece eggs! Thanks for the updates! Cammy

I'm reading over that comment- so sorry about the grammar...hopefully something made sense to you!