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Well, actually, not quite. I went back to IKEA to return something this afternoon, and I found just the absolute perfect thing to go on the "empty" wall (you'll see it in a minute). So I'm painting this easel cream to go with, well, everything else, and it definitely won't be done tonight.

But unless I find some other way to make things complicated for myself, it is finished.

Do you want to see?

*dramatic pause*

Okay, remember before? It was fun, but it was a lot going on.

This room began in my mind, at our old house, as a nursery for my first child, whose sex I did not yet know. We painted it yellow, because I thought that seemed nice and versatile and happy.

It was.

Then Devlin was born, and grew up a little, and he moved into another room to make way for Eve. She was The Baby, in the yellow nursery, and then she moved in with her brother so Iris could have the little yellow room when she invaded our lives.

Then when Iris was about a year old, Eve moved back in with her (because Devlin didn't like her chattering at bedtime. Now Eve doesn't like Iris's chattering at bedtime, but that's for another post.) So the yellow room was now the girls' room, and as soon as Eve could talk she made it very clear that her favorite color was yellow.

It was great.

I changed things up over the years, going from a soft yellow-and-sage scheme to a more vibrant yellow-orange-lime-sky blue one. A little of this, a little of that. Just whatever I had already, or found for cheap. No real plan. Just collecting.

Oh, and the tutus. Did I mention the tutus? Two girls in one room will create a tutu explosion that would rival nuclear fission. We could power the neighborhood!

Looking at this picture, it looks rather whimsical and charming. But I assure you, it was starting to feel oppressive. And seizure-inducing.

There were other issues, too. The sheets on Iris's bed were literally threadbare, and the quilt is an heirloom that I adore and was hoping to use, but is just too delicate.

It was time.


Basically, what I had to do was edit, edit, edit. Putting two people - with two different favorite colors, two times the interests, treasures, toys, books, and clothes - into one room, means a lot of editing. Devlin's room is like an explosion of Devlin. Everywhere you look, it's him. The girls' room has to be more subtle. They're still in there, I just turned down the volume a few notches.

Let me take you on a tour!

The view as you walk in the door:

Iris's side:

Her letters - sweet little birdies with pink bellies, among other things:

That wall straight-on:

Incidentally, this nightstand was painted by a professional last summer, and it has nary a scratch, ding, or nick.

Iris's bed was painted by me last summer, and it looks heavily distressed. Not on purpose. If you need something painted, don't bring it to me. Call Natalie. Okay? Okay.

Above the nightstand are some photos we had taken this summer, framed in the famous IKEA Ribba frames:

Next is Eve's side of the room (see the yellow sheets?):

And her letters. Her favorite is the sassy French lady on the first "e":

The next wall has the window, and on the other side of it the dress-up area. I already had that trash can. Doesn't it go perfectly?

And on the next wall, the reason we can have such a tidy-looking room. An entire wall of deep closets. I just adore the way the gray walls look with the dark woodwork! I wouldn't love it nearly as much without that:

Then back around, the wall to your right as you come in the door now looks like this:

The silver wire is to hang artwork, which Eve especially produces in mass quantities. The easel I bought today folds and will lean against the wall under the intercom box (which no, sadly, does not work). It luckily fits under the wire (literally!) which is a miracle because this morning, when I hung that wire using 6!!! drywall anchors, I had no idea I would be putting an easel there too.

I'm taking a big risk putting art supplies in their room, because Eve has a tendency to write and draw on walls and furniture (I painted over a few of her masterpieces this weekend) and Iris has a tendency to destroy things just for the sheer joy of it.

If you're interested, here's a breakdown of everything I did:

Took everything off the walls, filled holes, sanded, painted new color (Martha Stewart Cobblestone from Home Depot): $24

Painted ceiling white (it was just unpainted drywall texture from when we had the popcorn taken down, oh, a year ago or so): free - we already had the paint

Sanded and repainted wall letters and shelves using 3 cans of spray paint, one of which was black and I quickly painted over with Heirloom White: $12 for the paint - I already had the letters

Papered letters using Mod Podge and papers from the always-awesome Scrapbooks Etc: $9

Replaced all 30-year-old almond outlet and light switch covers with fresh white ones: $2

Framed and hung family pictures: $6

Box spring for Iris, so she's not sleeping 4 inches off the ground anymore: free from a friend (thanks Em!)

Completely new bedding for both girls: $95

Two feather pillows (yes, a luxury maybe, but I could tell the difference and loved my feather pillow when I was a very young child): $20

Fixed broken closet door: free

Fixed broken doll cradle: free

Fixed Eve's "100 things" artwork (Iris picked off all the embellishments): free

Art display wire and clips: $15

Easel (not finished, hence not pictured), including spray paint, chalkboard paint, and roll of paper: $35

Total: $218 (and 3 days)

Absolutely worth it. I want to move into this room now!

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It looks so grown up! Kinda breaks my heart.

Really though, it's much more versatile now. Easily a room they can grow into. I could totally see two teenagers living there. Just take down the tutus and add pictures of friends instead.

I love it! It's young and sophisticated at the same time. And thanks a bunch for the shout-out. I'm glad it's held up so well.

Of course! I love when I can wholeheartedly recommend someone. :) I paint for myself only, which is why I am careful when I hire it out. You can't know how something you do will hold up unless you live with it for awhile.

Your productivity level is just astounding! I love the finished product! Love the matching bedspreads and "favorite color" sheets. And the hanging artwork is SUCH a good idea!

I'm impressed!!!! Thanks for sharing this. You certainly move a lot more quickly than I do. I'm in the process of painting two bi-fold doors (4 doors in all). It will likely take me a full week. You're hired!! When can you be here? :)

It looks great! Way to go! That bedding is the bedding I have on my bed, I LURVE it! It really is a nice calming place now. You have definitely been a busy beaver!