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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 7:07 PM


Today, I am grateful for our health.

I have been thinking about this a lot over the last few months, actually, but haven't gotten around to actually composing a post about it until today.

(I actually think "composing" is much too grand a word for what I do here, lately. But we can revisit that another time.)

I have never been faced with serious health issues in my immediate family - myself, my husband, my kids - but I have seen enough, close enough, that I think as much as any healthy person can be, I am mindful of this very great blessing.

We run.

We stretch.

We dance.

We leap for joy.

We eat what we like.

We sleep peacefully.

We do not have to plan our lives around what our physical bodies will, or will not, allow us to do. That is a very great luxury, and I know it.

Iris has been feeling "off" since Thursday night. She wasn't sleeping well, she was extra emotional and irritable (even for a 3-year-old), her nose was snotty. But I could write off all those things easily: she's just having a rough night, she's going through a difficult phase, it's just that snotty-nose time of year.

"Devlin, will you snuggle with me?"

But today, she was sick. Really sick. I took a video of her breathing - and I use the term "breathing" loosely - while she was asleep, to show to the doctor. Her looked in her throat, looked at me, and looked in her throat again. Then he winced.

She's fine. She probably has strep, and possibly a secondary infection in her throat, which may or may not require surgery to drain if it develops an abcess, which he seemed to think it might. If that happens, I will be very, very sad, and a little scared, but she will be fine.

But the pit in my stomach today, and the feeling of dull panic as I rushed from one pharmacy to another, trying to get someone to fill our prescription before bedtime, making calls, checking and double-checking - making sure the seemingly dozens of indifferent people upon who my youngest daughter's care depended did what they said they would do -

I multiplied that feeling by the hundreds, thousands, infinite times that I would feel if she was really, really sick, the way some children - children of friends of mine - have been sick.

If she had cancer.

If she had Down Syndrome.

If she had autism.

If she had a hole in her heart.

To feel this, amplified, for months, years, or the rest of my child's life?

I'll take strep throat and bow my head, grateful.

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Ah, such a good perspective. I keep telling myself that my "train wreck" is someone else's "walk in the park." I ought not to moan so much about my so-called crises...

I'm so sorry that you're little one is feeling so sick.

Is it horrible of me to say that I absolutely love those pictures? It is so sweet how she goes to big brother for comfort and he doesn't push her away. Give them both a squeeze for me.

our little experience with pneumonia last week had me thinking these same things. sososo grateful.

strep still stinks. hope she gets feeling better. i'll pray for her little throat to heal up quick. ♥

I love these pictures, too. I'm so sorry Iris isn't feeling well. She's lucky to have you go to bat for her as you do.

And yes, health is such a tremendous blessing. Ours, and those we love.