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Today was a productive little day.

Got kids off to school on time, with good breakfast and lunches and a chapter of 1 Nephi

Ran 2.5 miles

Showered (very luxurious - does NOT always happen, as we know)

Got dressed/makeup/etc (separate than, and happens even less often than, showering - except during Dressember)

Library storytime and lunch with a friend!!!!

A little thrifting, during which I splurged for a waffle iron at $14.99 - I have been wanting one, and picked the sturdiest one I could find. I figured anything this heavy had to have been built to last. I think it weighs more than Iris, and that is really saying something.

Turns out it is quite a popular, well-regarded specimen from the 50's - the Sunbeam CG-1 - and I actually got a great deal! (If anyone has the flat grill plates that interchange with the waffle plates and isn't using them, and would take less than $60 for them, I'll be your new best friend. And I'll make you waffles.)

Got a (tiny, like 5-6 minute) nap

Helped kids with homework, cleaning out lunchboxes, not killing each other - every day is a blank slate on this stuff, apparently

Had the opportunity to fulfill part of one of my resolutions by declining any involvement in the school carnival fundraiser beyond attending - and loved it

Attended 3 glowing parent-teacher conferences (Devlin had one for his regular class and one for his ELP teacher)

Went out for Wendy's to celebrate glowing conferences (since when did it cost $35 to take my family out for fast food?)

finished folding and put away all laundry (it was 6 days worth - no campfires or stomach flu or significant blood spatter, yet still just SO MUCH LAUNDRY HOW DOES IT HAPPEN)

working on a little project for my dining room, to be completed with a trip to IKEA on Thursday

Attended a meeting for a church responsibility that I foolishly accepted but didn't go as badly as I feared

Am now sitting down to watch the season premiere of Downton Abbey that I stupidly missed on Sunday, and iron my tea towels

A perfect end to any day, if you ask me.

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Tasha said she got to go out to lunch with you. So fun! I asked her if you were dressed up and of course she said you were gorgeous and all dolled up. :) If you don't mind, I will just try to live vicariously through you.

I love that you guys already talked to each other since then! Ah, sisters. <3

Tara's right. You did look gorgeous. Thanks for the playdate. It was a great escape. And I'm sorry I missed the Goodwill trip. Sounds like it was a good treasure-finding adventure.

That is an awesome find! I love goodwill. It makes me happy. i have parent teacher conference today! We need to meet up at goodwill sometime lady!

What a good day. :) And as far as opting out of the carnival, good job. I have a good friend who shared this wonderful tidbit with me: "Being able to say 'No' is a sign of maturity."