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I think 31 sounds ever so much older than 30, and I know I'm not the only one.

I mean, anyone could turn 30. That could be an accident. "Whoops! 30? How did I get to be 30? Better turn right back around and not go any farther down
that path", etc.

But 31? Now you're doing it on purpose. You're getting older, and you know it. You're in your thirties.


Luckily, I don't mind.
I am surrounded by people I love, and they love me, and we are in it together, for our whole lives, no matter what.

It feels beautiful.

The man I have been with for 15 Valentine's Days took me out for dinner at Tarbell's (amazing, as always). We saw a movie (the Descendents, which was excellent, and leaves us only Hugo, Midnight in Paris, and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close of the Best Picture nominees still to see.)

We got home, our children are asleep - which is when we love them the very most - and now we can ignore the dishes and the laundry just a little while longer so we can watch some nerdy TV show together, under a blanket.

It is beautiful.

* * * * *

P.S. Want to see my new coat I told you about? It was actually quite cold this evening so I thought I'd better wear it while I have the chance!

It was $4. You may be jealous now.

If you ask very nicely, I might show you my new pants in more detail tomorrow. They are Very, Very Orange. I think I like them a lot.

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Where are you shopping at?! If only we had some good thrift shops around here! And I'm totally feeling the whole 31 vibe. I'm not yet, but will be in April...for some reason, I am not looking forward to it like I did when I turned 30...strange.

I decided when I turned 30 that there would be none of this "first anniversary of my 29th birthday" nonsense. I earned all these gray hairs and wrinkles and I would own up to every one of them. Turning 31 and all the new wrinkles and gray hairs shook my confidence a little but then I realized that 1. Most of my wrinkles are laugh lines and I can't not like that, and 2. my hair color may be an odd color but it hides gray really well!

That coat is awesome!! If you ever decide it's too warm for AZ, feel free to ship it up here to me! I'll gladly reimburse you the $4 (and shipping!)

You are just a youngin'! Love the coat and orange pants are divine.