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...and ye shall receive.

You all are saying you like my special brand of hodgepodgery here in Wizzle Land (and if you don't, or if you do, be sure to give your opinion so I can enter you in my giveaway!) So, how's about a little assortment of everything from today?

I wish it wasn't 80 degrees every day, but since it is, I guess I'll embrace the short sleeves and open toes.

Earrings: So Good Jewelry
Necklace: a gift from Angie (I was so grateful to have this necklace today! I totally love my hairstyle, but every once in awhile I just have a day where I feel like I have a tiny pin head, and I tried on necklace after necklace trying to beef things up, up there. This one felt perfect.)
Cardigan: Moth by Anthropologie, thrifted yesterday for $4. I win.
Top: Boden
Jeans: David Kahn
Shoes: John Fluevog (and if you think the shoes are cute you should see the soles! They have poetry on the soles! I weep.)

Funny kid story of the day definitely would be some sweet little grandma asking Devlin how old he was, and he answered "it's a homophone for the past tense of 'eat'". I'm pretty sure she'll go to her grave still puzzling over that one!

No home decor action, unless you count the 5 million times I swept off my porch and walkway (Iris currently has a very strong fascination with loading up my shoes with gravel and then dumping it on the sidewalk. I don't understand it either, but at least she has stopped dumping the gravel in my potted tomato plant.)

And today's randomly-generated thought from the mind of Rachel: common sense and decency indicate that before acquiring backyard chickens, I notify my neighbors and make sure they aren't opposed. But no one would expect that I do the same for a dog, and I can't imagine chickens would be any more noise or trouble than my neighbors' dogs, which loudly protest my retrieving my mail, raking leaves, or indeed moving or speaking at any time, anywhere on my property outside the walls of my house.

I don't mind the dogs at all. Not at all. But I don't want to hear a peep (get it?) about my chickens (that I don't have yet) from any dog owners if it comes down to it, either. So there!

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Devlin, you make me laugh. And I totally agree with your philosophy on chicken noise.

LOVE your outfit today! And what's with the chickens? Is that the new fad?

You think it's a fair trade..your neighbor's dog for your chickens, but dogs make a considerable amount of noise compared to chickens. Now, if your chickens will be hosting a rooster, then you've got a fair shake. Although I would much prefer the occasional crow of a rooster to the constant yapping of neighbor dogs. Any day.

Yeah, no rooster will be happening. They're not legal here, and I wouldn't want one anyway!