Bragging Rights

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, February 10, 2012 at 6:41 PM


Today, I gave Devlin's teachers interview forms that they will fill out this weekend so that he can apply to attend the Mesa Academy for Advanced Studies next year. His ELP teacher said that out of all the kids she has submitted paperwork for, he is the one she recommends most highly.

Eve's ballet teacher kept me after her class to tell me what excellent progress she is making. She said Eve really "gets it". I can usually only observe the last 10 minutes of class, but Eve told me that she pretends I am there the entire time, looking on, and she dances her very best for the watchful mother of her imagination.

It's a good thing Iris has strep throat again, or I might just float away with sheer happiness.

P.S. If you are sad Dressember is over and want to see more of my outfits - and so many other really well-styled, lovely, everyday women - you should come check out this fun little blog's Reader Outfits feature every Sunday. I can usually be found somewhere therein. I get so many good ideas over there!

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Way to go, mama! And poor Iris. I hope your days are turning around for you, by the way.

I scoped out effortlessly anthro, and your outfit was definately the best one on there. I'm now having a pretty serious case of pant envy. Those look amazing! Anthro pictures always tempt me, but I live so sooo far from a store, and am afraid to order anything without being able to try it first.

Aw, thanks! I got those pants for SUCH a steal: I think I paid $17 when it was all said and done. They went on clearance, then clearance went 30% off...then 50% off! Ring 'em up, thank you!

Anywhere, but especially at a place like Anthro where the silhouettes tend toward the adventurous sometimes, you really do have to try things on. I probably try on 50 things for every item I buy, unless I get lucky.