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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Friday, February 24, 2012 at 8:01 PM


Well, I don't know how to make a screenshot, and David has temporarily left the building (to get me a Coke Zero, so I can try to stay awake long enough to watch Beginners, in dutiful preparation for the Oscars on Sunday...)

...but trust me when I say that random.org has selected Commenter #7 to be the lucky recipient of a beautiful pair of pave post earrings, just like my very favorites that I wear well, kind of all the time.

Audrey, that is you! I hope you're reading this, but if you aren't, I know how to get ahold of you *wink wink*.

For those of you who were asking: I love to write, and it has always been my hope that someday this blog, or my writing, might have a larger audience. So, to that effect, I was just trying to get a feel for what most people who already incline toward my corner of the interwebs enjoy reading about.

This blog always has been, and always will be, for my enjoyment. It's not my family's blog, or a journal for my kids, or for David and I as a unit - it is mine. So I have, and will continue to, write about whatever I feel like writing about. But I've been doing a (very) little bit of research on blogging "business" strategies, and I just thought I would poke my head out of the sand long enough to find out what you all thought of the operation here.

As it happens, you are all awesome and have said to just carry on as usual. Quality, not quantity: who needs more readers when the ones you already have are so fantastic?

Thank you, everyone, for your participation, your input, your support, and your company.

It's a true pleasure.

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Yay for awesomeness!