How to wear orange pants

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, February 15, 2012 at 8:59 PM


So, I got these pants yesterday, and they are great pants. They are super comfortable, they fit really well, and I got a great deal on them. Like, really really orange. The color is a little intimidating, even for someone who has gone every day of her life with orange growing out of the top of her head.

So I thought I would give a few of my tips for going out on a limb, fashion-wise: whatever that means for you. I don't recommend that you indulge in a trend just for the sake of a trend, or that you buy something you know isn't right for you. But if you're just looking to stretch your comfort zone a little bit, there are some ways to make it easier.

1. Pair it with neutrals. In this case, gray and black tone down the orange (couldn't go with straight black, lest I risk looking like the very last clearanced Halloween decoration.) Shoes are neutral too. Nice and simple.

2. Alternatively, work the new item into a color combo you already know works for you. Yesterday, I doubled down on the crazy orange by pairing it with a cobalt blue top. Blue and orange are complementary colors, so while it's a very energetic combination, I knew it would work.

3. Cover it up. Ease into a new item by showcasing it in small doses to start. I considered tucking my new skinnies into boots, and yesterday wore them under a long camel coat to break up the intense color.

4. Balance the shapes. These pants are a standout color and body-conscious cut, so I went with something on top that left a little more to the imagination. These pants + shorter, tight top + really sexy shoes = not the impression I am going for.

5. Rock it. I tried on this whole outfit with black patent flats, and it looked really cute - but I just feel so much more confident and take-charge in a great pair of heels. I needed to be the alpha in the relationship (the relationship between me and my orange pants, of course) so heels it simply had to be! Your version of this might be exactly reversed from mine - the point is to rock it your way.

Have you gone out of your comfort zone lately? Did you regret it? Got any tips for me???

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