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Dear Everyone In the Whole Wide World,

Did you know that I got my first CSA share today? And that I processed everything this afternoon? As in identified, washed, dried, removed greens if applicable, and stored it? I did not throw away a single scrap - even the radish greens are going to make veggie broth or to be hidden in green smoothies. Feeling excited, proud of my efforts, and deeply grateful to be able to feed my family so well.

Bragging just a little bit, if you don't mind,

This Little Foodie

* * * * *

Dear Beth,

So...what on earth do I do with beets again?

With trepidation,

We're Not In Corn, Carrots, and Potato Land Anymore

* * * * *

Dear Goth Girl,

I kind of make excuses to be out and about in my neighborhood before dinner every day, hoping that I will see you out walking your dogs, at 4 in the afternoon in the respectable suburb of Mesa, Arizona, looking like a full-on crazy vampire Harajuku girl - complete with parasol. I am torn between thinking you are way too old to be dressing like that, and wanting to run up and high-five you for turning it up to 11...

whatever "it" is.

Don't let the bastards drag you down!

Subversive on the inside,

A Mormon mom of three

* * * * *

To That Guy I Married,

Some people marry for looks. Some marry for money. I married you because you do things like name your longest, most wiry gray hair "Robert E. Lee" because it is "leading the Confederacy".

P.S. The Confederacy lost, but I think that hair is going to have the last laugh.

It works for Sean Connery,

Your Wifey

* * * * *

Dear, dear, darling children,

Why is it that on school mornings, I have to force you out of bed with a red-hot poker, but on the weekends you are all bounding around my bedroom like three evil pinballs at 6 am?

Yes, that's 0600 - in the morning,

Your night-owl mother

* * * * *

Dear Auntie Em,

Thanks for coming to visit, and bringing your Jasper baby, so that I got the honor of witnessing this. Iris wants the chance to love on a little baby too!


Auntie Rachel

* * * * *

Dear Heidi,

Thank you so much for alerting me to the existence of this "letters" format. These entries are pretty much the only blog posts into which I can be bothered to put any thought whatsoever these days!

I'm sure all my other readers thank you too,


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Dear wifey,

It worked for Robert E. Lee too. See what I did dere?

That Guy You Married

Smarty pants. :)

Goth Girl totally deserves that high five! At the very least she shows your kids another point of view. I'm all for exposing my kids to new things to expand their world view.

Rock on Goth Girl, Rock on!

Make Borscht with the beets. I have a good recipe my hubby got from his mission if you want it.

Dear Rachel,

I'm still laughing about David's gray hair comment.

So glad you like the letters.