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When I was a little girl, my mom would take my sister and I to get "Easter dresses" every year. We went to (what seemed to me) the fanciest store in Arizona, to try on dress after dress: dresses with pinafores, lace petticoats, enormous sashes, in every color of the rainbow. Sometimes we got gloves and hats, too. To this day I remember one saleslady going on and on about a green dress and how it set off my hair so beautifully.

(I was very vain, you see, even then. And I remember distinctly imagining that I was Sara Crewe, with a wardrobe that was the talk of the school: silk stockings, ermine muffs, and shoes made to make my feet appear tiny and delicate.)

Now that I'm a grown-up, I haven't had a new dress for Easter since the year Eve was born 6 years ago. And for as much time as I spend in church, I think a new dress is jolly well in order!

The thing is, I know where to shop for myself. (I'm thinking maybe this, with these?) But I have no idea where to look for the girls!

My requirements:

- doesn't have to be the exact same dress for both girls (vastly different colorings)
- pretty
- affordable ($30 or less per girl)
- natural fibers: no shining or squeaking or flameproof coatings
- available in sizes 4/5 and 6/7. Target is dead to me now that Eve is firmly past size 5 and in the "big girls" section, a.k.a. complete exile
- something not everyone will have, because I'm a snob like that

I'm toying with this, but I'm not sold. What would be your go-to stores for my situation?

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If u are not too picky, there is a lightly used clothing store for kids off of baseline and higley called kid to kid. Alot of times they will have brand new never used dresses available for girls under ten dollars. Jcpenny has some nice things too and since they changed their pricing policy, u will be able to find something relativley cheap and new!

I like the Garnet Hill ones, very pretty. I myself am partial to Naartjie, nice mix of feminin-ity, childish-ness and hippie-ness :) And they are certainly quite unique, won't get mixed up with Costco Easter dresses. My personal favorites:

Burlington Coat Factory might just be what you're looking for. It's been a little while since I went, but they used to be the place to find great frilly little dresses. Definitely within your budget, and you might just find the hats and things too!

Lindsay, I'm definitely not "above" secondhand, obviously from my own wardrobe! The kids wear hand-me-downs all the time. I am going to be a little bit pickier than usual for these outfits, because I kind of want us all to roughly coordinate and look nice together. I didn't know about that shop so I will definitely check it out! I always used to go to Once Upon A Child, but now they're so far away from me I don't get out there very often.

Olya, I love Naartjie! I haven't been in awhile, but I looked online and they have some stuff that looks appealing.


I will check out Burlingtono too, there is one pretty near here. I'm suspicious they will only have shiny scratchy fabrics, though I would be happy to be proven wrong!

Naartjie is awesome, I love getting Jay clothes there but they are a bit pricey. I think as far as natural fabrics that might be your best bet though, their clothes are unique and I don't think everyone will be wearing the same thing:)

I was just looking on their website and this was the dressiest I found. If you are looking for a bit dressier I'll look else where too. I think their clothes definetly work for this weather.

If you figure it out, let me know! I'm horrible when it comes to shopping!

There were some cute dresses linked here. But if you don't find exactly what you want, I know someone who could make some custom outfits that could fit within your budget ;) Hope you find something great - your girls are just adorable!

Are you signed up with They send a daily email with tons of different sites offering great deals for a limited time. Quite often they feature children's clothing companies, ones that I probably would never have heard of otherwise. Maybe give them a try?

I love your blog. I love the comments you make about mothering, the photos of your precious self and family, the fashion tips, and your bright mind's ramblings. I love it all. I know I'm your mother, but I have a say. I know I'm too late to win the earrings, but that's okay. I have a pair of my own just like them.
Love you.