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I sometimes have so many things to write about that whole, major events just get completely skipped over as I choose to focus on small, simple events or thoughts that can be summed up in one paragraph, or two lines - which is often all I have the time or energy to compose.

But I think Eve's 6th birthday deserves a little air time and a few photos, don't you?

I floated the idea of a "super fun family dinner!!" more than once, but she really, really wanted a party with friends, at the park, so she could feed the ducks.

I'm sure I've mentioned before that I hate throwing kid birthday parties. If I haven't, allow me to take this opportunity: on the record, on the rocks, put it on my gravestone, I hate throwing kid birthday parties. There are so at them. Very troublesome.

But because I love her very much, I gathered my special tablecloths, reserved a ramada, delivered invitations, divided birdseed into 12 individual baggies, made a million fancy little sandwiches, blew up balloons in every color of the rainbow, stuffed goody bags, skewered 7 different kinds of fruit in Roy G. Biv formation (x 36), sucked it up, and threw a frickin' party.

I don't have pictures of all my crafty little endeavors, because - as with basically all my crafty endeavors - they were way cuter on my screen and in my head than out in real life. The point is, no children were hurt or lost during the party, and no one cried or fell asleep, so I'm satisfied.

The only minor snags were that the ducks didn't eat, and that our (paid for, reserved) ramada was occupied when we arrived with, as usual, not a lot of time to spare. Luckily, the kids seemed to like throwing the birdseed in the water quite well enough even if no one ate it, and the squatters at our party location were persuaded to pack up their dinner and move without anyone discharging a firearm.

I bought a cake, because I am even less skilled at cake-making than I am at cute party decorating. (I put the jimmies on all by myself, though.) It was $7.99, it was delicious, and there were no leftovers. I give myself a perfect 10.

Eve certainly had no complaints:

Eve's friend Ben was the winner of the "guess how many pieces of salt water taffy are in this here fancy bottle" game, as well as the winner of the unofficial "most creative party hat placement" contest.

Party hats for everyone, because party hats are awesome!

I think when my children are old enough that they cease to be amused for long periods of time by Duck Duck Goose, I will cease to throw them birthday parties:

Iris found the very large field to be quite satisfactory for twirling purposes:

On Sunday, Eve's actual birthday, my parents hosted a luncheon party with the theme bring Eve's favorite color: yellow, of course. The food was yellow, the decorations were yellow, it was just marvelous - and a very, very welcome change of pace from the chaos of 12 children, sand, and 5 pounds of salt water taffy.

It was all worth it when Eve brought home her schoolwork from today. Translation provided below, if you are not fortunate enough to be able to view her actual handwriting:

"I feel lucky when I get tow birth day party's in a row becaus my mom let me have one at the park. It was a ranbow party. I had a yollow party at my nana's house."

Well, Eve, as it happens, I feel newly lucky every time I realize that the smart, determined, articulate, beautiful, affectionate girl in this photograph is my very own daughter. I have thoroughly enjoyed at least half of the 6 years that you have been in our lives...

...and all the other parts, too, have been part of our journey, and worth every tear.

It hasn't always been easy, but it has been full of wonder, and beauty, and hard work, and joy of the fullest kind.

The very essence of life.

I feel lucky.

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Oh! She is so beautiful and I love Iris's face in the "twirling" photos. You are one lucky mama, that's for sure.

And I have yet to throw a full-on kid birthday party and am dreading the day Piper asks for one.