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Ugh. Today began with such promise!

I have, as of this writing, been to four Tuesday Morning stores in search of two matching pots to hold my new Italian Cypress trees for my front porch, surely entirely negating the amazing price tag in $4/gallon gas consumption. And I still only have one stinking pot!

Kindly note two different pot sizes. Same item number. Clearly not same item. Get it in gear, Tuesday! Aren't the trees amazing, though?

While I rather like my new glasses, either the frames are crooked, or my face is. I'm really hoping it's the former.

Don't see it?

What about now?

I know it's minor, but it's my FACE, people. My face, every single day, all the time, cannot wear contacts, kind of a huge deal.

Then, the garbage disposal went from making an alarming noise to making no noise at all, because it won't turn on. I foresee a lot of stinky, soggy, partially ground-up food scraps in my future.

And my new Easter dress, for which I have been waiting so eagerly, and for which I have no backup plan, arrived today and is about 4 inches too short. Apparently none of the models, or other reviewers, have long legs. I am now taking recommendations for a cute, good quality, natural-fiber only dress that will not require me to wear a camisole, cardigan, and leggings - for less than $100.

I'll wait right over here.


On the plus side, the weather today was criminally beautiful, my dinner was a home run:

and today is Oreo's official birthday - so I know what I'm doing tonight!

If I still have an appetite after the garbage disposal, that is.

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That squash looks heavenly- and I don't think anyone would or will notice any crookedness. Good luck on the easter dress hunt!!

After seeing that dress again, I would definitely go Boden, if you can swing it. That dress will be too gorgeous on you.

I want to hobble up that dinner right now. Those lucky kids!!

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