Sharky sharky

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 9:00 PM


Eve came home from school on Friday saying that her loose tooth was making it hard for her to eat.

My first thought was to ignore her, because she is a child of many maladies great and small, and she has cried wolf on loose teeth before.

But something told me to take a look anyway, and this is what I found.

Two full-size, all-the-way grown-in permanent teeth just waiting to push those little baby nubs out of their way!

So now we are calling her a shark, and she loves it, and we will continue to call her a shark until those teeth fall out, which may never happen because it might hurt a very tiny bit and she is Very Afraid.

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Love that little shark!

The whole idea of teeth that come in and fall out is just so weird, isn't it? Congrats Evie! I know how she's been looking forward to this!

Yes, it is really, really weird. Your kids just start falling apart one day! I think my perception of this has been colored by a particularly memorable Fringe episode I saw one time involving a creature whose transformation began with his teeth falling out...

Oh, my. What IS it with the rising generation and the sheer TERROR of wiggling & pulling teeth?

I LOVED losing my teeth!

*Ry had a couple of "shark teeth" as well... funny!