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My sister has been in town this week (so conveniently, at the same time That Guy I Married has been out of town - which is why you haven't heard me complaining about that more).

She is so incredibly beautiful, and very stylish in her own way - it just happens to be different from mine. We love to shop, talk fashion, and critique each other. So naturally, I was all excited yesterday to show her my latest thrifting find: a denim button-up shirt, to wear with all the fun colored and patterned pants that are all over the place right now. It feels like a fun trend to me - something I haven't done before, but that suits me (which is the only kind of trend to which you should pay any notice).

I had been doing some window shopping to see what was new in the way of denim shirt this time around (because I rocked that 90's grunge look pretty hard for awhile) and found some nice, comfy, versatile specimens, but I was having a hard time finding something that fit my budget and my upper arms (does anyone else have major problems with this? I think my arms are pretty average-sized myself, but apparently sleeve makers do not).

Then I thought to myself, "Self, there are probably hundreds of denim shirts languishing on the racks at thrift stores waiting for their turn in the sun." Now, granted, most of those are probably festooned with embroidered Pooh bears, mistletoe, or bedazzled roses, but I was willing to bet I could find something I can work with.

Sure enough, I could: a nicely worn-in button down from The Gap, at least 20 years old from my research, size children's XXL!

And you know what? It fits way better than anything at Anthropologie. Go figure.

(This pose brought to you by the fact that I spilled sweet-and-sour sauce on my pants while I was cooking 2 minutes before this.)

Earrings: So Good Jewelry (my favorite pair, obviously)
Scarf: Pierre Cardin, thrifted
Denim shirt: The Gap, thrifted
Blouse: Anthropologie
Pants: Anthropologie
Flats: Tory Burch (from Last Chance)

The scarf was another score from this week: beautiful silk in a nice classic geometric print.

The trouble is, my sister says that between my spiky hair and denim shirt, this look says "retro" just a little bit too loudly for her taste. (I think she must be remembering this.)

What do you think?

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I wish I could say I was that cool in the 90s!