Vocabulary Test

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Wednesday, March 7, 2012 at 7:00 PM


Words that are useless if you trying to describe a given flower pot to a Tuesday Morning employee over the phone: terracotta, cylinder, patina, and circumference. I would maybe stick with "orange", "shaped like a soup can", "old-looking", and...I gave up trying to explain "circumference" to Bonnie. Old dog, new tricks, etc.

(I apologize if anyone reading this has ever worked there. I'm sure you are smarter than 100% of the workers I have encountered this week.)


I have my pots, all is well! I also have a new, working garbage disposal and a package of Newman O's, which are better than Oreos but not as good as JoJo's.

I'll have a cookie for you too. You're welcome.

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Ho boy! I have TOTALLY been there. Have you ever tried calling Marshalls night shift employees? Oi. Double Oi. Try describing to them those large, standing, vertical, vintage-looking magnifying glasses. "We don't carry eye glasses, m'am." What the...
thanks for the laughs. Glad you got your pots. that was definitely with an s at the end. :)